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RP/lore forum inquiry

Recently, I had an idea that’s been lingering in my mind. I’ve sifted through some possible iterations and decided to make a short post with a poll, asking for feedback on this idea.

So the basic idea is: a RP forum for the Warcraft Twitter RP Community. We’ve gathered a couple of interesting characters and personalities in the time I spent roleplaying a bird person on Twitter. I started around the same time as Sha of Happiness, and has seen a rise of all kinds of characters, of all kinds of races and classes. Some of us just post random jokes (bless you, AngryOrc) and some engage in longer adventures. And I must tell you, this is so far one of the best communities I have ever found and I’d love to expand upon it, and see a wider interaction with it. One that is not entirely limited to 140 characters.

So there is this idea. A forum meant primarily for RP, primarily for this specific batch of characters and personalities, but open for everyone. We would continue the style of interactions we do on Twitter, and continue our posting on Twitter, but with an additional medium that gives us more freedom. Additional forum categories would allow conversations about Warcraft lore, the franchise and games in general, as well as the obligatory off-topic board.

Of course, there might little to no interest in such a forum beyond me. But that’s what this poll is for – to gauge interest before I embark on yet another empty, pointless venture. Please do vote.

Orcs and Humans

When the Warcraft setting first started, it was merely a thinly veiled fantasy version of early medieval England. The human faction openly referenced God, and used a calendar which seemed to place it in the 6th century AD. The obviously most striking departure from medieval England was the invasion of hellish monsters called Orcs, suggested to come from “underworld”. Some people, who started their interest in the franchise all the way back then, are very nostalgic about this ancient time. However, we can’t hide that there was very little to the setting back then. A couple of place names, an orcish invasion from hell, and names for characters which had very little personality.

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The Penguin, The Mage and The Terrible Weather

VerroakI hate snow. I absolutely despise snow. Farahlon was not seeing snow often, and I was lucky with that. I guess the destruction of Draenor had one positive outcome: the heat made it no longer snow anywhere in Outland. But now that I haven’t seen snow for decades and have to survive it again in my old age, I’m curling up in shock. Have I ever said snow reminds me of death? Because it does. Winter is when everything dies. Everything that reminds me of life disappears or flies away, or outright dies. And then everything gets coated with this hideous, white, cold substance. That’s what cold is: death. Snow is dead water. I hate snow. Of course, the darkfire-squawked penguin loves it!
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