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Anzu and the Apexis

What we now know as the Apexis was the peak of Arakkoa civilization and in fact, that’s what the name means – “the peak“. The Arakkoa race flourished and spread across Draenor, forging an empire the likes of which our world hasn’t seen again until the rise of the Orcish Horde. But sadly, as the Apexis were to learn, when you’re at the peak there’s only one way to go – and that way is down.

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The Beginning

In the beginning, there was our Lord, Rukhmar, the creator of the Arakkoa race. His spirit hung over the primal and dark world of Draenor, or Arakkar as we used to call it before the Draenei. His spirit is dark and eldritch, and His body incomprehensible for mere mortals. For what our eyes can perceive, He’s merely a mass of black wings, fluttering around six, large, pitch-black wings, centered around a gnarled beak which keeps proclaiming dark and profane wisdoms. For mortals, His words are merely gibberish and a fluttering of wings of a thousand crows, but for the enlightened, He speaks the truths of cosmic order – the most terrifying truths that drive you mad.
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