Since I started expanding upon the character I’m writing as, and his general backstory and the characters that surround him, I was starting to pile up on references to names some people might miss. So here’s a short summary of the characters you should expect to see mentioned in the RP blog posts.

All non-TCG/CCG drawn pictures of characters by AEG

  • Verroak Krasha: the main character, the point of view character, the character I’m actually roleplaying. A 67-year old arakkoa druid and alchemist, one of the only two survivors of Veil Krasha, razed by the orcs during their genocidal expansion on Draenor before the First War. He comes from a slightly different continuity to the one you encounter in Warlords of Draenor, and his timeline includes differently placed zones, existence of some people and races you’ll never meet, as well as other apparent inconsistencies. The way he evades getting rewritten with the rest of Draenor is not exactly known, but may be tied to his extradimensional adventures.
    Very grumpy and easily irritable. Treats morality rather flexibly and frequently experiments on living animals and people. Various ways in which mammals are different from birds continuously perplex him.
    Verroak has recently won nearly a million gold pieces by betting on Garrosh’s escape – which he knew about from a different timeline he visited. He used that money to build his own tower where workers under his supervision produce potions and enchantments to be sold to anyone who pays, with few exceptions.
  • Tarakan Krasha: Verroak’s clutch brother. 67 year old, hunter. Doesn’t speak much and is averse to modern technology. However, he collects a number of weird pets Verroak can’t properly describe. Unlike frail and intellectual Verroak, Tarakan is a survivalist who is rather agile and strong for his age. Prefers to spend time with animals than with people. Albeit he respects Verroak deeply, he frequently finds himself in conflict with his means of achieving his goals.
    After one of Verroak’s temporal adventures, Tarakan, who accompanied his brother there, was recruited by the Timewalkers. He is now a Timewalker Watcher and actively pursues the Infinite Dragonflight which is growing bolder with every day. Tarakan considers Kairozdormu his personal nemesis after what the dragon made the arakkoa live through in one of the devastated timelines.
  • Orkan Krasha: Orkan hatched to another timeline’s Tarakan, but then the hunter’s counterpart died, leaving the hatchling with his mother in a timeline where Azeroth was destroyed by Gul’dan, leaving just floating pieces similar to Outland. Recently, when our Tarakan saw that bronze dragons let other temporal refugees into our Azeroth, he asked to let this Orkan in. Now, Orkan lives with Verroak and is proving to be more like his uncle than his father – blunt, cynical and pessimistic. Orkan is helping his uncle and his crew when he can but he is still yet to feel like home in this new environment.
  • Izzik Shienor: Verroak’s student who recently passed her apprenticeship. She’s 19 and is a wide-eyed idealist. Kirrik assigned her to Verroak in hopes of swaying him towards the better side. So far, it resulted only in frustration between the two caused by a near-abusive personality of the old bird. She still respects Verroak’s knowledge and hopes to learn much from him.
    After Verroak’s migration to his newly built tower, Izzik was appointed the supervisor of one of the rooms in the potion creation facility. She doesn’t necessarily believe in all the stories Verroak tells about the different timelines and worlds he’s been to, but she plays along to not annoy her boss.
  • Hwarnë: A dimensionally misplaced Dohwar, about 40 years old. Recently, and accidentally, summoned from the dohwar homeworld by a spell Verroak and Dumas’s apprentices prepared. The spell backfired, and brought Hwarnë to Azeroth. Verroak refers to her as just “Hwarne”, partially because he’s lazy, partially because he has no respect for the “crazy space penguin”. After Dumas realized he has no way of sending Hwarnë back to her dimension, or even figuring out what that dimension is, he decided to hire her.
    Hwarnë is mostly a typical Dohwar. She’s a rude, obnoxious trader who will try to talk her clientele into submission. Despite that, she’s brilliant in procuring rare ingredients and goods for which Verroak values her.
    Like all other of her race, she’s immune to inebriation from alcohol, albeit sugar has similar addicting and mind-altering properties for her.
  • Menrim: A Neferset tol’vir who opposed Deathwing and the general stance of his people during the Cataclysm. Unfortunately, his brother Bathet followed Deathwing and got executed by the Ramkahen for it. Blaming himself for his brother’s death, Menrim regretfully worked with the Ramkahen against the Neferset. When the Lost City of the Tol’vir fell, Ramkahen moved in and Menrim became a clerk doing menial work during restoration of the city’s ancient libraries. When Verroak asked for an archivist from Ramkahen, Menrim volunteered for the job, wanting to get away from Uldum. He’s an intelligent and contemplative introvert, who prefers spending time with books and archives and for that, he reminds Verroak a lot of his brother.
  • MehrzadMehrzad: A djinn hired by Verroak as a healer. Although Verroak himself can heal people, he cannot be bothered to use so much of his time for something he doesn’t care about. Mehrzad is a kind, selfless and friendly person with a great sense of humour. He began quickly making friends with other residents of the tower, especially Aeresham whom he’s helping to grow the herb garden with his water magic. Although Menrim is slightly prejudiced against him, Mehrzad is trying to smooth the relations between them over. Mehrzad knows about the shadier parts of Verroak’s business but believes it’s not up to him to judge it.
  • Podric: A novice human mage who until recently was an apprentice of Maginor Dumas, Verroak’s former host in Stormwind. Because he fights a drinking problem, he occasionally runs into problems. One of these was when he got drunk enough to be seduced by a harpy Maginor kept in a cage. After five little harpies hatched from this encounter, Podric rose to the challenge of fatherhood and hasn’t drunk since.After he helped (with Verroak’s assistance) the mother of his children escape from Maginor’s captivity, he’s no longer welcome by Dumas. Verroak hired him as his Alliance portal mage.
  • Riktal Bluefingers: A novice orc mage trained by Verroak’s contact in Silvermoon, Aranya Ver’Sarn. Riktal was hired by Verroak as his Horde portal mage and did not have the chance to interact with her employer much so far. Coming from a warlock family who then reverted to being shamans, Riktal rebelled against them and decided to become a mage. Intelligent and clever but socially awkward, she was shunned among other orcs until she left for apprenticeship with the blood elves. Riktal remains very defensive about her nickname and its currently unknown origin.
  • Lunk: An “old friend” of Verroak’s. Lunk is a dimwitted ogre, but unlike most ogres, he considers himself a pacifist. Lunk always goes out of his way to help people to the best of his abilities (which sometimes results in disasters). Recently, Verroak hired him as a cook in his tower, which might prompt him to appear slightly more often.
    The two have met years prior when Verroak was undergoing research for the Forsaken in the Searing Gorge. Lunk started following Verroak, as he often does with strangers, and started pestering the avian to stop the killing. Verroak was obviously annoyed and was preparing to kill Lunk, until they were surprised by a party of Dark Iron dwarves who knocked him face-first into burning coals. Lunk personally carried Verroak out of danger and took care of his wounds, nursing the bird back to health, earning this way Verroak’s begrudging friendship.
    Lunk is on his own adventure around the world and will not often appear directly. However, when he does, he brings out the best in Verroak and warms his dark, shriveled heart slightly, even if the bird won’t admit it.
  • Sednaq-avSednaq Mikiruq: A female tuskarr sent from the Kalu’ak as Verroak’s cook. When she was young, plenty of young fishermen wanted to marry her for her cooking skills, but she decided to seek her own future and joined a competition called Nether’s Kitchen, which she promptly won. She knows recipes from all over Azeroth and Draenor. The Kalu’ak sent her away only because of the conflicts she gets into with local fishermen who only want to marry her – while she prefers staying single and occasionally date male dwarves. One of the few people Verroak knew undoubtedly was female because of the size of her… tusks.
  • Aeresham the BotanusAeresham Alkar: Aeresham is a botanus/botani from the alternate Draenor that Verroak visited through his dimensional rift. His Primal community was destroyed during the original expansion of the Iron Horde but he fled with Verroak to Shadowmoon Valley. When Verroak got back to his own reality, Aeresham followed him. Aeresham is disgusted at Outland and speaks with nothing but contempt about those who were guilty of the total extermination of the Primals and Draenor’s nature at large. He feels lost on Azeroth, its nature being similar but disconnected from his supernatural senses. He is planning for the future but even he can’t tell what will he do soon.
  • BalerokBalerok: Also known as Balerok the Bloody. He is a drakonid scientist created by Nefarian as an experiment to artificially create more minds to work on the chromatic dragonflight project. Many artificially created scientists did not make it to maturity, and most who did failed to please Nefarian. In the end he turned to human-drakonid hybridization which had a larger success rate. He has been in the service of Rend Blackhand, Nefarian, and more recently Wrathion until he left to work for Verroak. Balerok has an excellent mind for science, and tends to think outside the box due to his slight insanity. He also sometimes thinks Nefarian is speaking to him still.
  • TakTakTak-Tak: Formerly a “flapmaster” in Domination Point, this hozen has found himself looking for new employment once the war was over. Since Verroak was looking for workers from “monster” races, he was glad to have the hozen hired in his establishment. Tak-Tak now serves as the flightmaster for Verroak’s tower. He spends most of his time with Topper and the portal mages, telling each other stories they heard from people they serviced.

  • Jhuuton-100Doomsmith Jhuuton: A former rank and file solder in the Legion. His job was destroying Titan artifacts to erase any memory of their flawed plans for the universe. He was unaware of Sargeras’s ultimate goal of unmaking everything that ever existed, until an observer named Evorgeth with an agenda of its own coerced him to activate a device rather than destroy it. Jhuuton doesn’t remember much of what he saw in the Titanic device, but he realized that the Legion was built on lies. Now rogue, he is occasionally visited by Evorgeth, who shows up making odd demands and cryptic messages. He has a short temper, a foul mouth and little respect for living things. Flesh is weak, he says, and upgrades whenever possible. His primary directive: attain power, if people ask you to hold back in some way, they are interfering with the primary directive. Jhuuton speaks in the 3rd person.
  • Yu Gwai: An ancient mogu warlord and one of the main characters in the ancient pandaren tale called the Princess and the Turtle. For over fifteen thousand years he was cursed by Shan Jitong to be a turtle during the days. Recently, he was wandering around Townlong Steppes and eating some fruit when he got scooped into a box by unwary goblin traders. During the transit, he ate all the fruit in the box and Verroak discovered him there. Few hours later, he emerged back into his humanoid form and Verroak decided to hire him as his night shift security.
    Yu Gwai is unlike most modern day mogu. He’s an honorable and pious man who respects the values and lives of those different than him. He is no longer particularly ambitious, as he believes his part in history is done and is happy to just live out his days in peace.
  • Gornn: Gornn is a gronn that at an unspecified point in time befriended Med’an, the Guardian of Tirisfal. The Guardian happened to notice Verroak’s posting on Tweeter to find a day shift security person for his tower and helped Verroak contact Gornn. The gronn has recently taken up his position near the tower. If Med’an is to believed, the gronn should make a dependable and strong ally in this dangerous neck of the woods.

  • BalloughBallough Hammerkeg: Ballough was recently hired by Verroak in place of one of his Greenhearts, killed by a Fara infection. The dwarf has proven himself to be a capable fighter, for which he was granted the title of the Captain of the Greenhearts. He’s still getting accustomed to all the oddities going around the area and various unusual residents, but it seems so far he will be a dependable ally.

  • FrlngathFrlngath the Unroken: (dubbed ‘Gath by Verroak) Once Magister Theramas Dawnrunner of Quel’Thalas and a subject of King Dath’remar Sunstrider, he was captured while on a mission to Azjol-Nerub to investigate Nerubian artifacts. Most of his unit was murdered, but Herald Volazj deemed Theramas a worthy subject for a conversion. In a very painful and soul-numbing process, the high elf was turned into a Faceless One as he succumbed to the despair and darkness present in the mind of every Faceless One. After serving the Old God Yogg-Saron for countless years, he was captured by Verroak’s forces and with the use of his Elixir of Clarity, his sanity was partially restored. Now formally Verroak’s prisoner, he serves the arakkoa in any way he can to prove that deep in his heart, he’s still himself.
  • Zovaar-100Zovaar the Fallen: Once an example of religious fidelity and conviction, this draenei vindicator lost his faith when the orcs destroyed Shattrath. His pregnant wife was among the last group of refugees that left the city, all killed due to the undutiful absence of Vindicator Maraad. Zovaar abhorred the teaching of the Prophet and began to employ the Light as a weapon to bring death to the murderers of his family. Years later, he started to work under the chronomancer known as The Var’Krokul, who promised him they would find a way to bring his family back. Recently, the half-broken sorceress suddenly ‘fired’ him after giving a final order: “Offer your services to Verroak Krasha.” This morally grey “paladin” will loyally serve Verroak, but will not forget his quest for answers… and vengueance.
  • SaurokMutant-100Ughul the Cancer: This saurok hatched in Ihgaluk Crag over 50 years ago with mutations characteristic of the earliest examples of the saurok race. Although the shamans initially wanted to destroy him, considering him dangerous to their worship of Kros, but his mother hid him. In time, he grew up to be a shaman himself and his mutations earned him the nickname of “the Cancer”. Because of his status among other saurok, he grew up a misanthrope who never got to love anyone. When the Shado-Pan’s champions infiltrated the Throne of Thunder, he used the chaos to sneak in and steal a flesh-shaping device. His natural talents let him operate the machine and mutate a number of sauroks to be his mindless slaves. After his army was defeated, he fled with the device to the Island, where Yu Gwai captured him and forced him into servitude. Ughul is now trying to earn his freedom, biding his time until another rebellion.
  • YibYib: Although she started as loot for Verroak, Yib quickly rose in importance among the inhabitants. She was constructed thousands of years ago by a now extinct race as an android very closely mimicking the functionality of a natural humanoid. Her creators wanted her to become, along with a male counterpart, the forerunners of a new race that would rule their world after they were gone. Unfortunately, the male android perished and Yib was reactivated by Verroak’s people, founding herself with no purpose. After she proved her talents to Verroak, she was awarded the position of the delegate to the Gnadra Accords, where she connects the disparate races of the galaxy to this little business.
  • Mistcaller_Yngvar_150Mistcaller Yngvar: Once an important kvaldir raider, Yngvar found himself in the middle of an adventurer horde that repeatedly defeated him and prevented his plans from being completed. Shamed by this defeat, he was exiled by the kvaldir chiefs and spent the recent years drifting from sea to sea, looking for new ways to get by. Occasionally helping and fighting different breeds of pirates, he finally offered to help Verroak’s people build a spacejamming ship, using his knowledge of ship-building. After the deed was done, he requested to pilot it and Verroak agreed, albeit assigning some people to supervise him. He frequently blunders, threatening allied and neutral ships with pillage before he realizes he can’t do it, and can’t remember the name of his ship.

Many more minor characters may appear and disappear in single blog posts, including some Shattrath or Stormwind inhabitants you may recognize from the game. These, however, you may expect fairly frequently, at least for the duration of the current storyline. Among the junior staff are several gnolls, murlocs and quilboars and even a qiraji, as well as a group of ex-Defias humans who act as Verroak’s enforcers. Verroak calls these hired goons “Greenhearts”.

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