Infinite Azeroths

Our main character has personally encountered multiple alternate realities, and encountered or heard from people from even more realities. According to the information provided to him by one of the alternate Kairozdormus, there’s at least 52 alternate versions of the Warcraft universe, dubbed by Azeroth-#, even when Azeroth is barely important for that timeline/reality, for convenience. Some of them are different timelines, with a very specific point of divergence, and some are whole alternate realities, parallel universes which are very different, but still cling to some of the same constants, like familiar characters in unfamiliar situations. This page serves to catalog these realities and give short descriptions to them.

Azeroth-1: That is “our” Azeroth, the one most of the characters will call home. This timeline of course also includes Draenor, shattered into Outland, as well as the established cosmology, like the Elemental Planes. Verroak is probably from this timeline. Probably. There are points of contention in the history of Draenor which make him doubt it.

Azeroth-2: The Horde-less Azeroth Garrosh Hellscream inadvertently created with his time travel jaunt to a past Draenor. As it turns out, it was a past alternate Draenor with slightly different history and even vast geographical differences, at least from Verroak’s point of view. While the Iron Horde was defeated on Draenor by the adventurers without ever crossing into Azeroth, the human kingdoms grew more apart of each other and finally collapsed into a great war. Meanwhile, Medivh’s body could no longer sustain Sargeras, who transferred into his apprentice, Anduin Wrynn. Sargeras then worked with Kel’thuzad to develop the Scourge. Despite Kel’thuzad untimely death, the Scourge began to spread without a Lich King. Then, a Frostmourne and Helmet of Domination arrived from another reality and were used to crown Tirion Fordring as the Lich King, who withdrawn the Scourge to Northrend.

Azeroth-5: During the battle of Light’s Hope Chapel, Darion Mograine keeps the Ashbringer and doesn’t toss it to Tirion Fordring. That minor change causes considerable damage. Although the war against the Scourge in Northrend goes mostly as we remember it, the small point of divergence causes a much bigger one during the final assault against the Lich King. Without the Ashbringer, Tirion Fordring isn’t strong enough to shatter Frostmourne and disrupt the spell Arthas was using to resurrect the ten champions he just killed. Soon, Fordring dies to the Frostmourne and the ten champions become Champions of the Scourge. Now, years later, the Scourge is on the verge of destroying all life on Azeroth and is preparing to take fight against the Burning Legion.

Azeroth-6: One of the most catastrophic visions of what could have been, in this timeline Malfurion failed to summon the wisps to destroy Archimonde, who in turn successfully destroyed the World Tree. Over ten years later, this Azeroth is now the capital of the Burning Legion, where Kil’jaeden and Archimonde command various invasions from. All the vast magical sources of Azeroth serve to strengthen the Burning Legion beyond our understanding. Most planets that did not yet fall to the Legion think it is now unstoppable, but few know Archimonde and Kil’jaeden are in a clandestine conflict. Kil’jaeden wants to revive Sargeras on Azeroth, but Archimonde wants to keep all the power for himself.

Azeroth-7: In this timeline, Maiev failed to stop Illidan from destroying the Frozen Throne with the Eye of Sargeras. After the Lich King was destroyed, the Illidari wiped out most of the Scourge. With a great deal of the power of Sargeras Illidan has now obtained, he returned to Outland to destroy or enslave the remaining demons there. In panic, the remaining draenei fled to Azeroth in the intact Tempest Keep prematurely, while Illidan gathered a great army of demons and other creatures that could challenge the Burning Legion. Now, years later, a great war rages across the Twisting Nether, with the Illidari and the Burning Legion fighting each other in a cosmically devastating conflict. Meanwhile Illidan grows more and more mad with every day as he consumed more and more power.

Azeroth-10: For the longest time, this timeline appeared almost identical to the one we live in. The bronze dragonflight and the Timewalkers studied it very carefully, in order to find some minuscule differences, or perhaps a way to help our Azeroth in its many maladies. But then suddenly, a major change occurred when a new breed of Aqir descendants appeared out of the ruined Gnomeregan and began to spread with terrifying speed and savagery. These new creatures, of animal level of intelligence but as dangerous as a real Aqir would be, within two quick years conquered almost everything on Azeroth, including major cities. Sicco Thermaplugg has been identified as a culprit, after a mysterious benefactor delivered to him specimens of various Aqir descendants for study. However, now the creatures are out of his control and the last defenders of Azeroth try to find him in hopes of finding a way to destroy the creatures.

Azeroth-14: Thrall dies as a baby, and Aedelas Blackmoore loses his dream of creating an orcish slave army. However, he sobers up and creates an army of mercenaries that fights the fugitive Horde. Blackmoore defeats Orgrim Doomhammer in single combat and convinces the remaining orcs to follow him and destroy the Alliance. Together, Blackmoore’s mercenaries and the Horde defeated Lordaeron’s forces and Aedelas proclaimed himself King of Lordaeron. Later, Infinite Dragonflight took Blackmoore from this timeline and made him their agent and assassin. After Thrall from Azeroth Prime visited the timeline and realized it was simply another timeline (and his was intact) the timeline was believed to be destroyed. However, the timeline remained but no one knows how history proceeded after the events of Twilight of the Aspects.

Azeroth-18: After the orcish fleets are blown off-course further north than they were in the prime timeline, Thrall’s fleet crashes near Nendis in Azshara, where they find night elves having trouble with satyrs. Thrall decides to help them and thus creates an early Alliance with Tyrande. Meanwhile, Grom’s fleet lands further south and starts their encounter with the night elves by cutting down the forests and then consuming Mannoroth’s blood again to kill Cenarius. However, this time Thrall helps the Kaldorei against Grom and personaly kills him. Thrall learns from this that all of the signs and practices of the Old Horde must be abandoned, as the old “heroes” were always the villains. He dies however while killing Mannoroth, leading to Warchief Varok Saurfang, who is training his rediscovered son, Dranosh, as his successor.

Azeroth-20: In another rare timeline where Dark Portal has never been established, the Timewalkers found a united human empire ruled by a descendant of the Arathi. At first thinking the Arathi Empire never fell here, they soon realized that the point of divergence was far more unique. In this timeline, there is no mention of Sargeras luring Aegwynn out to Northrend. As a result, her son Medivh was born without Sargeras’s influence and simply became the most powerful Guardian of Tirisfal yet. The Dark Portal was never opened, and the human kingdoms were about to descend into chaos like they did in Azeroth-2, but then a son of Anduin Lothar intervened and conquered the kingdoms, becoming the first emperor of a restored Arathi Empire.

Azeroth-26: Sometimes called “Azeroth of the Lotus Eaters”, about ten years ago a new plant spread throughout Azeroth, introduced by unknown means. Sweet and fragrant, it magically attracts people to eat it. Once eaten, people become completely docile and addicted to the plant. Like a plague, this drug spread through Azeroth and made the entire planet completely pacifistic and in a half-conscious state of bliss. Oddly, the Burning Legion didn’t yet use that as an advantage, probably because there’s no one to summon their agents, including demons who are just as vulnerable. However, a small group is rumored to be resistant to the effects of the lotus and is determined to free the planet from its thrall.

Azeroth-28: When one of the twin sons of an Arathorian emperor survived an almost-deadly flu, this alternate timeline diverged from our own. Dalaran became the capital of a powerful empire spanning most of Azeroth and Draenor, ruled by the Council of Nine, the most intelligent, cunning and ambitious citizens of the magocracy. Non-mages are not citizens and the magi’s rule has been undisputed for almost three millenia. After the recent disappearance of Magus-Emperor Khadgar, Rommath – leader of the Enchanters’ realm of Quel’Thalas – plans to appease some reformist leaders (like Jaina Proudmoore and Balinda Stonehearth) with the promise of a new world to be conquered: an alternate Azeroth that can be accesed through the Ivory Tower of Karazhan. Our Azeroth.

Azeroth-31: In this timeline, the humans have never established a unified civilization or settled for long, still being horse-riding nomads to the present day. The point of divergence was never truly discovered, but Thoradin is completely unfamiliar to the people of this timeline. The Timewalkers speculate that he was never born here, but some point to an incident from his youth where a creature that looks remarkably like an ogre rescued him after he fell from a horse – in this timeline, he possibly died in that incident. Regardless of the point of divergence, when the corrupt elven magister Rommath opened the Dark Portal and the Horde invaded, they met a resistance much fiercer than in our timeline. Horde versus horde, human barbarians versus orcish raiders – the plains of the Arathi continent are ravaged by an unending war as the powerful Quel’thalas looms in the horizon.

Azeroth-34: Hundreds of years ago, the succession crisis after Modimus Anvilmar’s death was resolved peacefully. Now, the dwarven clans stand united in a single kingdom. Blackrock Mountain never exploded and Ragnaros was only dealt with during the Firelands Invasion of Hyjal. While otherwise Azeroth is very similar to ours, a lot is changed for dwarves. Thargas Anvilmar is the High King of Ironforge. Moira, daughter of Thane Magni Bronzebeard, is happily married to Thane Dagran Thaurissan of the normal-looking Dark Iron Clan. However, not everyone knows that this peace between the clans is at the verge of dissolution as the Thanes are starting to get at each other’s throats.

Azeroth-41: Garrosh Hellscream repels the rebel attacks on Orgrimmar with the help of the powers of Y’Shaarj. Soon, Vol’jin and a good deal of his rebels are dead and the Alliance is pulling back. Garrosh’s “pure”, orcish Horde is expanding across Kalimdor again, trampling everyone under their feet. However, few know that Garrosh is no longer himself. The Heart of Y’Shaarj continues to warp him and use his megalomaniacal tendencies to feed the rebirth of Y’Shaarj, for whom Garrosh would undoubtedly become an avatar. Amidst all this, Rehgar Ironclaw waits for the proper time to reveal his true colors and strike at the heart of this “Horde”.

Azeroth-47: With the Darkspear never being exiled to the middle of nowhere, they were present with the recent reformation of the Gurubashi. Although Sen’jin refused to help in the summoning of Hakkar, Vol’jin was raised among the Gurubashi priesthood and is quite the different person. Serving as the key conduit to Hakkar’s return, he modified the ritual. As a result, the other high priests were killed, and Vol’jin became the Avatar of Hakkar. Troll armies swelled in ranks and power and easily overran Stormwind. As they continue northward, they meet very little resistance and it seems nothing can stop the Soulflayer’s Age of Blood.

Azeroth-52: What I call the “Warcraft 3 timeline”. Rhonin and Krasus never travelled to the past, Broxigar never died there. War of the Ancients transpired as originally described in the Warcraft 3 manual. As a result, some of the personalities were different in the present day and the Alliance and Horde keep working together. Because of that, Azerothian forces are much stronger and were able to eliminate the Lich King and the Scourge completely. Dranosh Saurfang is Warchief, Zul’jin is in the Horde, Teron Gorefiend rules the Undercity, and the Dragon Aspects never lost their power. Despite those differences, many things are the same as our Azeroth, including the events of the World of Warcraft expansions happening at roughly the same time as in our timeline, but slightly differently. For example, Garrosh Hellscream was a minor rebel who died (serving as the 5.2 end boss) while the Thunder King was the end boss of Mists of Pandaria, after ruling the continent during the expansion.

Azeroth-?: In one bizarre universe, Draenor is ruled by an omnipresent religious draenei dictatorship and the opressed orcs band together into biker gangs which fight the man. One of the orcs’ chief scientists, Gul’dan, has developed (with the help of a scientist from another planet he contacts via a subspace communicator) a new drug which will corrupt his people and turn their skin green, but give them the chance to overthrow the corrupt government.

“Azeroth-40.000”: In another universe, there is no planet Azeroth. There is, however, a sector of planets with eerily similar environments and names to the zones of our Azeroth. In this universe, the races of Warcraft evolved on different planets and have their own space empires. The orcs came from a distant galaxy via a wormhole known as the Dark Portal and in time, their sector of space was thrown into the Twisting Nether and corrupted by an uncontrolled use of fel magic. The space sectors that make up the “Azeroth” galaxy, however, remain and keep fighting their own villains except IN SPACE.

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