Emerging from the chaos of recent temporal mayhem, Verroak Krasha and his crew embark on a new mission to further their influence in the universe: the exploration and conquest of the new planet, Skalaktis. Recently discovered by the Krasha flag ship ASJ Apexis, this world was found wild and unspoiled, populated only by primitive cultures and ancient ruins hiding untold secrets. Claiming this new world through guile and shrewdness, the people of Hecaton descend upon it, with the help of mercenaries from Azeroth and beyond.


Isle Royale: The primary colonization grounds, this sunny, humid island is home to many pirates as well as the parrot people called kekoa, who sold their home to the Krashas for a paltry sum. The pirate threat is far from over, and many more adventure hooks loom in the jungle.

Barbarian Coast: Just beyond the horizon of Isle Royale lie the sandy, open plains of Barbarian Coast. There is very little sentient presence there, but a lot of unspoiled resources the natives never knew were important. Once the threats on Isle Royale are done, Krashas will descend on this zone like a flock of vultures.

Nestlands: We know little of the jungle beyond Barbarian Coast. We spotted a lot of kekoa villages and some kind of conflict among them, but that is all we can say for certain.

Cape Battleborne: With a lot of earth giant activity and fires in the plains and valleys of this cape, all we can say is that these giants are not a peaceful kind, even amongst themselves.

Pelopsis: We spotted numerous big structures in the valleys of the mountaineous island of Pelopsis. It probably means the earth giants are not as primitive as we think, but they may be simply squatting in ancient Titan ruins, or scavenge them for their own building material, without understanding what they’re destroying.

Leeward Spine: More tropical islands and kekoa that we know of, but we also spotted numerous strange, fragile structures between the windswept peaks of these islands. They do not seem to be of kekoa or earth giant origin, but we know little else.

Sargrassa: Distant and the least explored island of the archipelago, Sargrassa is an enigma. What we did see was mountains, snow and gargantuan structures deep within the island, betrying the true Titan focus of this world. What treasures (and dangers) lie within?


Verroak Krasha: The owner of the Tower of Krasha business and self-proclaimed President of Hecaton, he is the big boss of the world of Skalaktis, or at least he likes to think he is. Who knows what challenges to his authority lie within the unspoiled wilderness of this planet?

Orkan Krasha: Verroak’s nephew and a warlock, he recently found himself fel-corrupted against his will. His primary goal is now to be healed of this corruption, although few things in the universe are capable of that. He hopes to find a cure on Skalaktis, in the myths of the kekoa or the Titan secrets of the facility of Uldestrat.
Menrim: Verroak’s chief administrator and diplomat, he’s the one responsible for buying the world off the natives. He now walks among them, trying to learn about their culture, as well as delivering Verroak’s orders when the big boss himself can’t come. He seems to have his own enigmatic goals, but few know what he’s truly planning.
Yu Gwai: With the exile and disgracing of Karnak, Yu Gwai remains Verroak’s most senior warrior. Unwavering in his devotion to the task he undertook, he serves loyally but is prone to finding worthy enemies on the side of the battlements. A devastating enemy and invaluable ally, he will undoubtedly leave his mark on Skalaktis.
Supreme Group Leader Vidmar Eisenwulf: The Irden Empire’s envoy to Skalaktis, this grizzled old veteran is one of the highest ranking military commanders of the Irden. Known in his homeworld for cunning and devotion to putting the Empire’s interests over everything else, he will undoubtedly try to take this world for his Emperor.
Minister Oshie Springbender: An envoy of the Gnadra government, she was officially sent by the tinker gnomes to oversee peaceful exploration of Skalaktis, and to keep the infamous crime lord Krasha in check. Everyone knows, however, that a team of gnomes arrived with her and immediately disappeared somewhere in the wilderness. Whether intentionally scheming, or they uncovered something they shouldn’t, time will tell.

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