Guild information

Greetings, folks, the times of Twitter RP have long since passed, sadly. However, we have actually moved on to an actual RP guild in World of Warcraft. We are always interested in more people joining our ranks. Here are some of the most basic information.

Name: Tower of Krasha / Tower of Krasha Horde
Realm: Moonglade / The Sha’Tar / Steamwheedle Cartel
Region: EU
Faction: Both!


Event times:
Tuesday 8 PM (realm time) – social evening, just chatting to develop our characters
Thursday and Saturday 8 PM (realm time) – story evenings, exploring further our main storyline and the monthly campaigns

Add-ons required:
TRP3 – this is a basic RP add-on most people use to establish their character’s profile.
DiceMaster – DiceMaster is an amazing add-on that helps with your immersion by presenting unit frames to represent the characters that aren’t there in the actual game world.

How to join:
First, find the guild via the guild finder. You’ll find it under the names “Tower of Krasha” (Alliance) or “Tower of Krasha” (Horde). Then, send an application and it will be reviewed whenever I come on any character with appropriate privileges.

If you are new to Krasha business, you will be required to show up for a social event first and RP out your interview. If you pass and we find you a fit, you’ll be invited IC and OOC and will be able to join future story events.

If you RP’d with me or others of my old Twitter group, be sure to mention who I knew you as in your guild application.

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