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Dragon Sphere of Yasei – RP Thread

Dragon Sphere of Yasei – Thread on the RP forum


Binding a Gelugon – RP Thread

Binding a Gelugon – Thread on the RP forum

Signing of the Gnadra Accords – RP Thread

Signing of the Gnadra Accords – Thread on the RP forum

Gilead – Belly of the Beast


by Kadosh Chamid

News about Gilead’s deeds in Jericho quickly spread and kings and lords began to fear him. As his army marched across the forests of Atlasia, he met various bandits, adventurers and other mercenaries, seeking to slay the infamous Scourge of Jericho and earn a great reward the city council of Atlas posted on his head. Few were even a challenge to his abilities, except for the one we know as Bosheth the Black Hand.

Bosheth was a known brigand, who led a group of bandits operating in the Bloodied Forest. He was a red-skinned nephilim who lost his right hand to a great kirin he had slain in his in youth. He later replaced the lost hand with a magically-powered construct made of the blackest ebonsteel he could find, thus earning the moniker “Black Hand”. Bosheth had little regard for authorities and pillaged government officials and commoners…

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I think I should finally link it over here. A worldbuilding project of mine, the world of Shewstone. More under “Mission Statement” at the destination.

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