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Worlds of the Nether: Eosphere

Melektas-100I am Melektas, Keeper of Eosphere, a Titanic watcher left behind by the Titans to watch over the development of this world. What may appear to you as an inhospitable ball of flame, covered by thick, brown clouds is in reality a lush world, cloaked from the outside universe by a complex ancient mechanism. It has kept the existence of everything here, me included, for countless aeons. I have lived a very long life, if you can call it life. I was created and awakened by the great Norgannon, the Lore Keeper. In those ancient times, Eosphere was already lush and full of life, but it was wild and untamed. Titans can rarely stand disorder, but here they made an exception. For science, and because their true interested laid elsewhere – on nearby Azeroth.

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