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Guild Stories: Nobody Expects the Faithless Inquisition

Hello, my still faithful (I hope) blog readers. Since we’ve started the guild, I’ve been writing up summaries of our stories there on the guild Discord, but I never published them out to the public. I figured people would be interested in hearing what happened to Krasha since, so I’m sharing the Discord summaries here.


While Ethan’s old friend, the gnome agent Jeb Spoggins, was visiting, the grummle Pennywise who helped ferry us to Azj’Aqir seat in his mole machine, came to us asking for help. After Azj’Aqir couldn’t pay him after his failure to beat Skitra, Pennywise was let go and returned to his village, only to find it worshipping Mazu – and the iconography let him believe they were worshipping Azshara. At his behest and the promise of loot, we went to his village, where it turned out few people liked him, especially after he said their goddess was an evil monster. But we tracked down their religious leader, Goldfish, to a cave nearby where we found – to our surprise – a sethrak being sacrificed to power a demonic gate. Goldfish turned out to be a wyrmtongue and after we dispatched him, Pennywise and the sethrak, Torque, left to try to find the demon the grummles were unknowingly worshipping.(edited)

We followed the trail to an old troll ruin at the coast of Kun-Lai, where we found a couple of demons trying to corrupt a devilsaur with fel. After we killed them, and the devilsaur ran off, healthy, we found the alleged goddess – in fact, a shivarra who wanted to open a portal to free Sargeras from his prison. She escaped, but she sent a hulking eredar brute after us. Although he caused some damage, we killed him fairly quickly.

Following on the shivarra’s whereabouts, we encountered the Shado-Pan, and Master Snowdrift promised us his help in getting Pandaria rid of this demon. For an evening we strategized and came up with a plan to deal with her. At the same time, we found out she’s not as powerful as she claims to be and will be unlikely to successfully summon Sargeras.

Nevertheless, soon after we enacted the plan. We drove Pennywise’s mole machine into the temple where the demons were congregating and killed a few of them with that alone. Then, we finished the crowd, while the Shado-Pan were distracting other demons.
In the end, we confronted the shivarra Mazikeen as her spell failed and she blamed us for it. With the help of Shado-Pan and T’Paartos who came on behalf of Calaara, we dispatched the shivarra.
We brought her head to the grummle village to prove what they were worshipping and the village leader admitted to his wrong. He offered Pennywise the hand of one of his granddaughters for his help, but Pennywise refused on account of preferring men, which caused a lot of shock to the simple grummles.
Pennywise then left with the sethrak inquisitor Torque to hunt down the real Mazu.