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Mesonyx: The Ice Warrior

Previously: Mesonyx Attacks!

Mesonyx-nohelmet-100After the very people we entrusted with leading us justly and equally betrayed the ideas I believed in I felt… disoriented. I didn’t know where to go, who to see. Every friend can become an enemy once they hear what happened, or at least of the version of the story the leaders will tell the masses. I didn’t doubt they would paint me as a traitor of all of our values, someone who turned on his society. To think I once believed their lies. They said they wanted peace and prosperity for our people, but once faced with the kind of power that artifact provided us they showed their true faces. They turned their attention to war. I honestly thought that the devastation wrought upon our world would teach us something. But maybe, I thought, it was just the leaders. Maybe the Collective, that is, the people, would still believe me and see what I saw. I had to try and look for allies.

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