New Race: Satyrs


Creatures commonly treated as synonymous with corruption and evil, satyrs are universally reviled across Azeroth and beyond. However, few know that not all satyrs are this. Many younger satyrs who never saw the depravities their ancestors committed during the ancient wars tried to embrace a different kind of destiny for their people. Many of them saw the Emerald Dream as a power base for new conquest, but even more young satyrs born in the Dream saw it as a new world where they can leave their corrupt origins behind. These satyrs embraced the capriciousness of the fey and live for the pranks they play on unsuspecting bystanders.

Satyrs were created when Xavius, one of the chief advisers of the extremely powerful Queen Azshara, accepted a boon from Sargeras, the Dark Titan. Transformed into a hideous, half-goat creature Xavius fully embraced the mission given to him by Sargeras. He and other highborne night elves who accepted this “gift” played a key role in fighting the forces of good during War of the Ancients. Xavius, Pero’tharn and others became villains of legend. Few would remember those satyrs as heroes.

When the Sundering shattered Azeroth, many expected all demons would be gone from the face of the planet. However, few predicted what happened to the only native species of demons – satyrs. Despite the loss of Xavius to the Sundering, the remaining satyr leaders banded together and waged another war on the kaldorei known as War of the Satyr. The night elves were so desperate in this war they tried many untested new magics to fight their enemy, and one of these experiments ultimately led to the creation of the worgen. The satyrs were finally beaten and all semblance of central leadership was shattered.

For a time, that is. Xavius wasn’t gone completely and the tree form Malfurion Stormrage enchanted him into gave him unexpected access to another plane of existence – the Emerald Dream. Through that connection, Xavius made contact with an ancient and powerful evil that sought to corrupt the Dream – the Old God N’Zoth. The Old God branded the First Satyr with a new gift in exchange for his change in allegiance. Now known as the Nightmare Lord, Xavius engaged in a millennia-long campaign to replace all dreams with nightmares and spread the corrupt influence of his new master. For centuries, the Nightmare spread and slowly eroded the forces of Dream’s defenders.

But not all hope was lost. In its peak, the Nightmare began reaching out of the Dream into the material world and many people were afflicted with the unwaking sickness that kept them bound to their worst nightmares. Only with the help of Malfurion Stormrage, the Dream was almost completely purified. The corruption receded into the dark Rift of Aln within the zone known as Eye of Ysera. Xavius was defeated once again and the remaining Nightmare stirred within the Rift, looking for a new Nightmare Lord. Recently, a forgotten son of Xavius known only as the Albino surfaced and re-united the satyrs within the Dream under his banner, accepting his alleged father’s mantle. The Nightmare began spreading again and sending the fey into panic.

A group of satyrs, however, never officially joined the Albino. These young satyrs embraced the fey nature of their new plane of existence and were changed by its energies. Led by Princess Ivixa, a daughter of Prince Xavalis, these satyrs refused to obey the Albino’s commands time and time again. The Albino ignored them for a time, seeing them as a mere nuisance, but when his subordinates started seeing their continued existence as a proof of weakness, he attacked the rebels. Only with the help of the Spirit Walkers of the Horde this attack was pushed back and the Thornbranch Satyrs joined this faction to protect their people.


Start Location: 
The place that became Thornbranch in the Emerald Dream housed one of the ancient satyr strongholds. Within the confines of the Dream, the area was twisted and reshaped into a dark and dangerous zone reminiscent of its inhabitants. Even when most of the Dream was purified, the thorns that grew over Thornbranch remained and provided shelter for the less destructively-minded satyrs.

Home City: Bough Shadow
When the Thornbranch Satyrs were rescued from the Emerald Dream by the Spirit Walkers, they emerged in the Bough Shadow, ravaged by the Wild Hunt and cleansed of its green dragon protectors. The satyrs took up the defense of the local portal for themselves, with Princess Ivixa personally guarding it with her life.

Racial Mount: Baphometic Goats
Ever since satyrs embraced the Nightmare, they were blessed with the services of Spawns of Niggurath, a mythical goddess represented as a black goat. These demonic-looking, four-horned goats are fiercely loyal to their riders, even when they abandon the Nightmare Lord’s service. Although Niggurath might one day want them back, they may no longer listen to their fore-mother.

Racial Leader: Princess Ivixa
Daughter of the satyr prince Xavalis and therefore granddaughter of Xavius, she was born in the Emerald Dream and was affected by its energies. First of many of her kind, Ivixa in time gathered a group of followers who much like her did not wish to harm mortals, but merely desired to have fun at their cost. Pursuing the natural fey with wild abandon, she was refused a place in the Seelie Court, officially claiming they’re “far too dour”.










Satyr Racial Traits

Satyrs never know when to stop joking. They can pellet their group members and NPCs with rocks, disrupting them for a brief moment.

Although Thornbranch Satyrs are far removed from their demonic origins, the stain of Sargeras remains, allowing their attacks to cause fire damage to enemies.

Thornbranch Satyrs despise their own, corrupt kin. They gain bonus experience from killing aberrations the Albino’s kind became.

Naturally attuned to the Emerald Flame utilized by fey and satyrs, Thornbranch Satyrs have resistance to fire damage.

Satyrs write their secret language in a set of magical, ancient fel runes that grant them a bonus to their inscription skill.

Available Classes





























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