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About Theramas Dawnrunner

Once Magister Theramas, servant of Dath'remar Sunstrider. Now Frlngath the Ubroken, a Faceless One that seeks to escape his curse. #Warcraft #RP

Character Profiles: Frlngath the Unbroken

Frlngath-Theramas-2Name: Born Theramas Dawnrunner, as a Faceless One is known as Frlngath the Unbroken.
Race: Faceless One (formerly High Elf)
Gender: male
Age: Over 6,000
Class: Priest (shadow)
Professions: enchanting, inscription
Religion: Formerly Holy Light and Old God worship, currently apostatic
Alignment (per D&D): Chaotic Neutral
Traits (per CK2): quick, mystic, chaste, diligent, humble, envious, deceitful, zealous, cruel, lunatic

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