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About Arakkoa

Verroak Krasha, an Arakkoa druid with over 50 years of experience. Formerly from Farahlon, during the Orcish expansion relocated to Skettis, then to Sethekk Halls, then to rebuilt Shattrath, following the heresies in each of those places. Finally, he founded his own succesfull alchemy business and set out into the wide cosmos to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and boldly go where no bird has flown before.

Guild Stories: Disks of Eonar

Hello, my still faithful (I hope) blog readers. Since we’ve started the guild, I’ve been writing up summaries of our stories there on the guild Discord, but I never published them out to the public. I figured people would be interested in hearing what happened to Krasha since, so I’m sharing the Discord summaries here.


As Krasha revealed one time in his briefing, there were more than just disks of Norgannon. Titans stored different kinds of knowledge on various disks scattered across Azeroth. Most of these have been lost of time, and among those were – until recently – the Disks of Eonar. According to legends, they contain the record of all life on Azeroth, all that ever was, is, or even will be. Or at least that’s the story the vrykul tell. One ancient saga of theirs told the story of this record being hidden in a sacred temple of the Makers, beneath a hill, beyond a swamp, a league away from a black dragon lair, far in the eastern reaches of Old Kalimdor. This record would fit perfectly with one Titan facility dwarves have been trying to get into for years now – Bael Modan.

Upon arriving in Bael Modan, we found it taken over by centaurs. A gnome ace pilot local to the town, Gaeval Thunderblast, asked us to get rid of all the centaurs and since it was on our way, we agreed. It was a tough battle ahead towards the newly uncovered entrance to the Titan facility – thanks to the goblins who blew up Bael Modan a few years back – but eventually Cayleen faced a centaur warleader alone, which sent the other centaurs fleeing. Sadly, upon confronting the Krenka shaman, Forgol, we found out he was being manipulated by some sort of spirit, which told the centaurs to attack us. We eventually dispatched those centaurs and took Forgol prisoner and tried to blow open the door. Unfortunately, the door wasn’t budging and we had to wait for Usir’Mertan, the nerubian engineer Verroak dispatched to help us, to find a way inside.

When we returned a week later, the facility was wide open and the door was – according to Usir’Mertan – “kind of disintegrated”. Upon arriving inside, we accidentally triggered facility’s security system which dispatched a couple of traps to deal with us. We successfully avoided a flame trap, and tore apart the spark coil. Then, Usir’Mertan found the power cell and together with Nahla disabled the power cell and with it, the entire security system.

However, deeper in we found more perplexing things. We were attacked by a group of kobolds and – strangely enough – a wicker monster from Drustvar. Utilizing some of our strongest magic, we dealt with those threats and proceeded into the inner chamber where a broken Titan watcher was laying despondent and the disks were nowhere to be found. However, the thief left behind a convenient holographic projector. Turns out the thief was none other than the infamous RAFAAM THE SUPREME ARCHAEOLOGIST.

Rafaam triggered explosions set off by bombs his kobolds left behind and tried to bury us alive. Even though the exit has already collapsed, with the concerted efforts of Acheras the Custodian – the aforementoned Keeper – and the centaur shaman Forgol on the ouside, we broke through the rubble and got out, although Acheras was badly broken in the encounter.

Forgol, turns out, was somehow convinced by Verroak Krasha that the spirit was a fraud (and it indeed was, as Rafaam himself admitted to being that spirit) and has now arrived to help us. Now Ethan wanted to take the broken Keeper to Krasha, but Cayleen convinced him not to tell the boss about everything that happened and called for Odyn’s val’kyr to help their fellow Titanforged, which they gladly did.

With the disks still at large and in possession of the psychopathic ethereal thief, who knows what he can use them for? Now we have to find Rafaam and deal with him before he can do something horrible once more.

While on the search for Rafaam or his other minions, we followed a trail leading us to Hagatha. Drust monsters were seen in the woods of Gilneas again, so our group investigated a small village and found a group of very creepy humans telling us to leave. After we didn’t leave, the “humans” turned out to be the pig-headed zombie monsters drust use. After dispatching them, we followed the trail to the back of the village, but to our surprise, we didn’t find Hagatha, but an arakkoa underling of hers, Kriziki. Instead of killing her, we recruited her for her knowledge of Rafaam’s whereabouts.

With Kriziki’s help, we located Rafaam in the Sholazar Basin, where he absconded with the Disks and attempted to use them to take control of the Avatar of Freya. Before we could confront him, Rafaam sent another of his underlings, the mad paladin George the Fallen, who was convinced he was really summoning minions with Hearthstone cards. After dealing with him, and sending him off to an asylum, we confronted Rafaam himself. He has already taken control of the Avatar, so we had to avoid harming her while dealing with Rafaam. Soon, the ethereal thief was down and left his bindings behind, and the Disks belonged to us.
The Avatar of Freya, despite our help in freeing her, was against us taking the Disks so our nerubian friend took control of her this turn and made her forget us, before Cayleen stormed off in anger and we left to deliver the goods to our boss.

Guild Stories: The Infiltrators

Hello, my still faithful (I hope) blog readers. Since we’ve started the guild, I’ve been writing up summaries of our stories there on the guild Discord, but I never published them out to the public. I figured people would be interested in hearing what happened to Krasha since, so I’m sharing the Discord summaries here.


Krasha arrived in the base one day to inform us somebody has stolen from him. It must have been an expert thief, since they managed to slot in right between security shift changes and remained unseen by anyone, including some of the expert security personnel, such as aldrachi warriors Krasha employs. The group arrived on Krasha home base and immediately went after a strange human who was isolated in the mess hall. The human had an odd appearance, his face twitching and moving in various unnatural ways, and he smelled oddly, like a reptile of some kind. After a thorough interrogation, he was proven to be a shapeshifting saurok of some kind, rapidly regenerating its health and breaking out of polymorphism by tearing its flesh apart.

As the Krasha officers would later explain, all threads pointed to “the Cancer”. A former officer of Krasha’s who left after buying his own freedom. A saurok who has taken control of a mogu flesh-shaping device, a corporius, he has apparently created a new breed of sauroks, shapeshifters who rapidly regenerate all wounds. This “Cancer” must be tracked down and dealt with, but Krasha wants him alive.

After tracking down all the strange “humans” in his home base, Krasha ordered us to infiltrate them in turn and sent us a fungarian to help us with it. The fungarian charged in at a lone saurok scout and once both have been slain, the cloud of spores from the fungarian’s body possessed the saurok and used it to infiltrate the saurok base in the old troll ruins.

However, what we found at the troll ruins was stranger than we all anticipated. The sauroks are conspiring with Bwonsamdi and another troll loa, Lehba, who used to own Krasha’s island base and wants it back. However, after we killed the ubersaurok priest, Bwonsamdi says the sauroks failed and washes his hands off of his involvement and leaves us to our own devices.

One of the biggest mysteries was how is the Cancer creating new sauroks when his original machine is still in Krasha’s possession and remains untampered with. Balerok found a mention of what appeared to be another corporius inside a small Titan facility in the Storm Peaks and sent us on a mission to retrieve it or learn what happened to it. After freeing a small arcane entity called a factotum (dubbed Rosie by Teann), we learned the Cancer was there. After an ambush by another Lesser Evil, Blood-Thane Utarefson, we opened the pulpit for the corporius only to find it gone. Rosie joined us to recover the device.

Now knowing everything that happened, we await more trails that could lead us to the Cancer, as he remains still at large at this moment.

After an evening of scouting, we found out the sauroks were planning on replacing a “human king” with a puppet of their own. Although we did not have the numbers to deal with them at the time, we learned a few things and retreated.
We also met a curious troll, Ati’bon, who claimed to be older than Medivh and to have always lived in the Black Morass. Ati’bon was nowhere to be found the next week.

The week after that, we finally left to dispatch the sauroks. Our attempts at subterfuge have failed as the guards changed their password, and later Teann couldn’t pull herself into the shape of the old troll. After a few clashes, we defeated the small detachment of sauroks left at the tree and arrived within it to find the Cancer himself, hard at work at creating new life. He quickly deduced we work for Krasha and hard negotiations began.

It took some convincing, but we met an understanding where the Cancer made a demand: he must be made Krasha’s equal in the Lesser Evils, not his subordinate, and in exchange, he will share the blood of Anzu he somehow acquired to make Krasha part-demigod. Although we had to wake the boss up (with Balerok’s help) Krasha agreed and we led Ughul to Krasha’s home base for further negotiations.

In the end, we spared the life of one terrible person so that he can make another terrible person into a god. All around, a “success”.

Guild Stories: The Revenge of Azj’Aqir

Hello, my still faithful (I hope) blog readers. Since we’ve started the guild, I’ve been writing up summaries of our stories there on the guild Discord, but I never published them out to the public. I figured people would be interested in hearing what happened to Krasha since, so I’m sharing the Discord summaries here.


After Hellbourne received a message to call the team to the base and failed to act on it, the minions received a serious scolding. Nevertheless, at the next occasion, they arrived at Verroak’s old tower in Duskwood, the original “tower of Krasha”, and found a strange tauren, Azjan. It quickly turned out it was merely a disguise of the ancient tol’vir sorcerer Azj’Aqir. Krasha wanted us to help protect Verroak himself and Azj’Aqir as they use the tol’vir’s magic to take control of an aqir goliath bound at the tower.

The mission went fairly well, until Azj’Aqir former ally turned nemesis, Guo Shou, turned up and sent his terracotta warrior and a few hopping ghosts to disrupt Azj’Aqir’s plan. We dispatched those too, and Azj’Aqir departed with his new minion, promising to take revenge on the mogu who betrayed him.

Sensing the Krasha minions’ doubts about him, Azj’Aqir joined them one evening at the base above Stormwind for a presentation of his past, trying to make himself look better. He delivered his version of the story, where the tol’vir princess wasn’t an innocent victim, but a seducer who wanted to use the socially inept sorcerer to escape the grasp of suitors she didn’t want. Azj’Aqir claims he imprisoned her to prevent her from spreading false accusations once things went sour, and got killed because they spread in spite of it. He was then tormented for milennia, until his future servant Narmer saved his soul and, with Guo Shou’s help, put it in Moam’s body.
The Krasha minions were not entirely convinced and still saw him as a villain. That only made Azj’Aqir more determined to redeem himself.

Eventually, he invited the Tower of Krasha to join him in taking his revenge on Guo Shou for the betrayal when the hopping mogu ghost controlled the Moam body to get away from a group of heroes. The aqir colossus the group helped him take control of rampaged through a Korune base, slaughtering many mogu and arranging their corpses on an altar in some form of… art, or sacrifice, nobody knows.
Once the group reached Guo Shou himself, the mogu protecting himself proved particularly tough to kill, while the villain was busy engaging the giant bug. After a prolonged effort, the female mogu body was slain with Azj’Aqir’s help, and the emergent hopping ghost started screaming about “the machine of death being broken” and everybody’s soul ending up in the Maw, a yawning chasm of darkness and pain. Azj’Aqir dispatched the evil soul to its final destination and thanked the group for their involvement.

The Tower of Krasha had one final mission from the ancient tol’vir sorcerer. In what he claimed to be an effort to redeem himself, Azj’Aqir decided to poke a dark obelisk of N’Zoth to provoke aqir into emerging. The minions of Krasha were there to kill the emerging bugs in large enough numbers to attract the attention of their master, Prophet Skitra. With Skitra dead, Azj’Aqir theorized, not only would he gain everyone’s favor by dealing with a great threat to Azeroth, but also the aqir from Ny’alotha would be his to control.
Unfortunately, the Prophet proved to be more than everyone’s match. Much more powerful than everyone expected, Skitra kept everyone trembling in fear as he took back the control of the aqir colossus, tore the spirit of Azj’Aqir from Moam’s body, took the obsidian destroyer back, and left the group alive to “bear witness to those who defy the Black Empire”.
With Azj’Aqir “dead”, his minions were left to pick up the pieces and find a new body for their master, but Narmer paid the group handsomely for our efforts.

Guild Stories: Wayward Ogres

Hello, my still faithful (I hope) blog readers. Since we’ve started the guild, I’ve been writing up summaries of our stories there on the guild Discord, but I never published them out to the public. I figured people would be interested in hearing what happened to Krasha since, so I’m sharing the Discord summaries here. This first one was written as the events were unfolding, so it may read a little weird.


Verroak Krasha noticed a group of ogres that were always his clients had disappeared. He sent his new minions to investigate. They proceeded to stumble upon a deserted camp, with some trail left behind by a single ogre. Upon further investigation, a group of evil eyes appeared from nowhere and assaulted the group. Luckily, our adventurers dispatched them – only to see an ogre mage with strange markings walk out of a fire like it was a tent. When a harpy airdropped an arakkoa with a sword into the ogre’s back, Bul’lok the All-Seer – said ogre – walked right back into the fire and disappeared.

The harpy and arakkoa introduced themselves as Eidria Snowblind and Akrikot Yama, members of the Kabal and relatives of Verroak Krasha. They invited the group to their home to further discuss Bul’lok.

The pair explained they’ve been fighting Bul’lok and his Grimy Goons minions for a while, and they’ve come into possession of a staff he used. The staff was saturated with death magic, rotting every organic matter it touched. It acted like a siphon of souls, driving them somewhere else. It was destroyed when Calaara attempted to feed it a demon soul.

Akrikot was also in possession of a book that described one poor soul’s voyage to the afterlife, describing – among many realms of the Shadowlands – a “Maw”, led by a “dark warden”, meant to eternally punish the most vile of souls. Bul’lok appeared to be in league with a powerful entity from the Shadowlands, and the gathered adventurers speculated it might have been this “dark warden”.

They set out to find Bul’lok’s hideout in the Grimy Goons district of Gadgetzan, waiting for the pair to find them a time to air drop them.

Time passed and the two couldn’t manage a drop. So our adventurers set out on their own, sneaking into Bul’lok’s hideout. After distracting the two orcs left to guard it, they infiltrated the building and found… mostly rubbish. But something more interesting awaited them upstairs.

Next to Bul’lok’s bed was a warded bookcase. Upon discovering the ward, the minions of Krasha set up traps for whatever comes summoned. When March’all triggered the ward, two creatures named Bee Bopper and Rok the Steady appeared and assaulted the group, after falling right into the trap they set up. The quilboar and the ogre were killed, and the adventurers came into possession of more arcane books from Bul’lok, this time written in Old High Gorian.

Since the books were too hard to translate for even the most skilled mage with a linguistic spell, Hellbourne took the books back to the two birds, hoping for a translation.

Akrikot and Eirdria translated the books partially, but they proved to not be very useful. However, they did find notes made by Bul’lok, scrawled over the margins and one horrifically misspelled letter. Apparently Bul’lok and the ogre clan that used to trade with Verroak moved to an old fortress in Desolace, an orc fort built on top of a centaur burial ground. Its warlock and death-related past gives it a unique focus for Bul’lok’s magic. While we have found the missing ogres, we still need to deal with the ogre mage who took them… hostage? Or did they willingly follow his power?

The group would later arrive at the fortress in the badlands of Desolace. What they found was a fairly peaceful ogre village, and a group of ogres protesting Bul’lok’s treatment of them. The minions of Krasha attacked the ogre and successfully eliminated him before he could unleash the full brunt of his dark master’s power. In the process, a strange, monstrous creature emerged from the Shadowlands and although it was dispatched after taking a few scrapes, it threatened to return “in a more powerful body”.

Nevertheless, the threat has been dealt with and Bul’lok’s dead body was delivered to the Tower and the ogres who followed him promised to return to their old base in Feralas under the leadership of a new king, Leer.

Joe “Sells All” McGann

Today morning I had a random bout of inspiration. This is the story of Joe “Sells All” McGann, a death knight who was strangely enough an auctioneer for the Black Market. Tower of Krasha met him on Thursday while chasing some shady people trafficking humanoids.

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We have an actual RP guild in WoW

This announcement is probably long overdue. For the last few months, we have been doing some RP events with an actual WoW guild, and reliving the life of low-level minions of Krasha, finding things and killing creatures for Verroak Krasha. If you are a long time reader of this blog or the associated Twitter account, perhaps you may be interested to join us.

Realm: Moonglade EU (sorry, Americans) (can join from the realms of Steamwheedle Cartel or the Sha’tar)
Faction: Alliance
Guild name: Tower of Krasha
Addons: Total RP 3, DiceMaster
Total RP 3 is the gold standard of RP add-ons these days, letting you create a profile describing many features of your character, including creating a proper name, with a first and last name.
DiceMaster is the weirder and less known one but it’s a marvelous add-on letting you involve NPCs you can actually see (as a unit frame on top of your screen) and managing your combat rolls and traits that can affect them.
Event schedule: Tuesday and Saturday at 8 PM realm time.
On Tuesday we do a more social event where we get to talk to each other without much pressure and get to know each other IC. When available, we go to special events such as the Darkmoon Faire.
On Saturday we have a combat event where we combat enemies represented in the unit frames by rolling dice (using /roll or DiceMaster). Depending how high we rolled, we succeed or fail in attacking or defending ourselves. And sometimes hurt ourselves in confusion.
All of those events contributes to usually month-long (once per week) campaigns and an overarching storyline for our minions of Krasha.

If you’d like to join us and you play on EU but not on our servers, I can supply long time followers of this blog and Twitter account with 10 000 gold and some bags to start out on a fresh server.

This Tuesday (14 April 2020, 8 PM) will be a perfect chance to present your character and get us to know you – and perhaps invite you to the guild. You can also send your application to the Tower of Krasha through the built-in Guild Finder (make sure you mention your race in the application text and who I knew you as during the Twitter RP activity).

The Lesser Evils

As Verroak’s Alliance servants have learned, there is a shadowy cabal of semi-villainous individuals that call themselves “the Lesser Evils”. Verroak considers this name “ironic”, saying they simply choose “the lesser evil” and do what needs to be done for progress and the greater good. Formed after Verroak has confronted an Avatar of Sargeras and survived, these folks scheme from the shadows and while they’re all independent, they will help each other in hopes of others returning the favor later. Here’s what is known, so far, about the group’s members.

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RP reflections

Hello again, folks. It’s been a while since I wrote much here, and even longer since not using it as just repository for things to link elsewhere. For quite a while now I’ve been actually playing WoW, and actually taking part in the in-game RP, so I felt less inclined to do it on Twitter or write the stories here. The narrative itch has been scratched, and frankly, things on the Twitter RP got a bit out of hand before I semi-left. But now… I’m starting to feel a little burnt out on the actual WoW RP, and even WoW itself, and thought I’d look back on things.

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Brief list of expansion ideas

I’ve been sitting on this bunch of expansion ideas forever, with some quick concepts that I sometimes refer to in conversations. I decided to write them down just to have a reference for the future.

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Alled Races: Satyrs

Here comes my second part of a demonic allied race duet I had planned. While eredar are something I wanted playable for a while in some form and considered both factions for them, I found them going to the Horde as a way to oppose the draenei the better choice. After that, the question remained, what is the best Alliance counterpart to eredar? I could go for a low-hanging fruit and grab high elves because they seem as the straightest counterpart, but not only they are extremely un-demonic, I also prefer more unorthodox options for these posts. So I defaulted to two of my favorite demon races: mo’arg and satyrs.

Mo’arg are a great race. They are probably the most versatile non-eredar race that we’ve seen. Among their numbers, we’ve seen the cyborg doomsmiths, the stunted gan’arg, the hulking felguards and the new brutes. A couple of other unique demons were never given a racial descriptor and seem like they’d be mo’arg too. However, it feels like allied race would not be enough for them. And I ended up finding satyrs to be a better fit as an allied race, since they too had Legion involvement like the eredar, and also resemble another race, much like the eredar. Unfortunately, it’s another night elf offshoot, but they could work despite this. Therefore, I introduce the satyrs.

General Information

SatyrAlliedRaceFaction: Alliance

For many night elves, satyrs are the enemy. The ancient force of corruption, made from their own brethren who listened to the whispers of the Burning Legion. And if that was not enough, they dance from one great enemy to another, dedicating themselves to the Emerald Nightmare and its Old God master. But those nuances mean few people know the truth about the satyrs and their flexibility. Perhaps there is a yet different faction of satyrs somewhere deep in the Dream, that escaped the corruption of their brethren.

Classes: warrior, rogue, hunter, priest, mage, warlock, druid, shaman.

Mount: Purified Courser (a new variant of the unarmored Legion unicorn mount)

Requirements: Future content (see below)


Like the eredar, the satyrs are first met in a special questline that sees the Alliance – and especially night elves – return to the Emerald Dream following the end of Legion expansion. During the first months of the Legion invasion, adventurers ventured into the Emerald Dream, defeated Xavius once again, and purified it of the Nightmare taint. Again. Unfortunately, in the process Ysera, the guardian of the Dream, became corrupted and then died. The end of the raid suggests everyone that all the demigods that became corrupted and died are slowly returning (other than Ysera who somehow became a set of thermonuclear superheated balls of gas thousands of light years away). The lack of Ysera may throw a wrench into the Emerald Dream.

As it turns out in this questline, after the burning of Teldrassil, majority of night elves left either for Gilneas or Val’sharah. Malfurion led his people to Val’sharah, and that’s where he summons you. He explains that to secure this land for his people, he must cleanse Shaladrassil and enter the Dream rift still present at the roots of the tree, and he invites you along because of your role in the defeat of Xavius.

Together you venture through the portal into the Eye of Ysera, the capital of the green dragonflight. However, once there, instead of the purified tranquil glade you expected it to be, you find it in chaos. Not Nightmare, but simply nature growing out of control and fighting itself. The green dragons you find explain that without Ysera, and with all the demigods regenerating, the Dream is completely uncontrolled. The raw power cannot be contained without a guardian, and the dragons are not enough. Malfurion offers his and your help, and thus, the new faction and storyline begin.

Over time, you find that a group of satyrs who survived the purge is behind the chaos. They’ve been inciting nature to fight, all in an attempt to have that strife bring the Nightmare back. After a while, you see them succeed a little bit. Small pockets of the Nightmare begin to manifest. In one such pocket, you find an albino satyr prince who says he will bring “the Father” back no matter the cost. You and Malfurion end up following him to the Rift of Aln, where you see a great nightmare tree. From the tree, a deep and familiar voice speaks to the Albino. It’s Xavius. He survived his defeat once more, and retreated into the tree form to recuperate. The amount of satyrs there make it impossible to destroy him now, but you now know your enemy.

In the process, you also find a splinter group of satyrs led by Princess Ivixa. These particular satyrs bear no allegiance to either the Legion or Old God faction, and are simply pranksters who live in harmony with the Dream, being born to demonic satyr parents without choice in the matter. Malfurion doesn’t want to trust them, but the green dragons are willing to take that step. Together with these prankster satyrs, you venture deep into the uncharted layers of the Dream, to find the Fount of the Moon, the legendary source of power of much of dream’s endless creative energy. The Fount is revealed to be directly connected to Elune and with its help, the good satyrs are purified of their taint, while keeping their form (more or less).

In the storyline finale, the good satyrs take a part of the Fount’s power with them to confront the Albino. After a long and difficult fight, the Albino is defeated, but not before prophesising the eventual return of Xavius. “Father always returns… he is eternal.” Malfurion realizes that by turning him into a tree, he gave Xavius an unbreakable bond to the Emerald Dream. The only way to destroy him forever is to break that link and undo his ancient magic. Malfurion enters a great ritual that expends almost all of his energy to destroy the tree. Once the spirit of Xavius is liberated, Ivixa then uses the Fount’s power to sever Xavius from the Dream permanently and banish him to the Twisting Nether like yet another demon.


Some time after completing the questline, Malfurion invites you to the Alliance embassy in Stormwind, where he vouches for the new satyr faction to join the Alliance. Anduin agrees, and decides to send you into the Eye of Ysera once again to officially recruit them. Unfortunately, after following through the portal in the Twilight Grove, you find the Eye under assault by a force of a different shade of green… demons! In the Emerald Dream!

No one knows who these invaders are, since the Burning Legion has been defeated, but everything is explained after you hear the familiar voice once again. It’s Xavius, who has returned once again, but this time green. He explains that once he was banished to the Nether, he met Mal’Ganis who offered to restore his power in exchange for serving Mal’Ganis’s new Dread Legion. Xavius quickly agreed and returned in a new, more corrupted form.

You meet up Princess Invixa and her archdruid, Zyndaxxia, in the ruins of their former palace. It is now clear to them that even banishing Xavius to the Twisting Nether was not enough. Since a sliver of the Fount’s power was not enough, you must do a very risky act of leading to the very Fount of the Moon itself. Malfurion doesn’t want to hear of it, because he fears it would risk Xavius corrupting the Fount, but Ivixa and the green dragons overrule him. He leaves in protest to fight for the Dream in a more traditional way, while you go deep into the Dream once again, with Xavius and the Dread Legion harrowing you on every step.

After going through a few layers, you finally enter the deepest and greenest layer and see the shimmering fount of power once again. Xavius is not far behind you, and is in awe at the sight of the Fount. He gloats that you led him to your doom, as he will now claim the power of the Fount, and even Elune can’t stop him. After all, did she ever stop him before from corrupting her precious children? He begins spreading fel energy into the Fount, which begins cracking and extruding a lot of holy energy. Xavius begins choking, but he is relentless. Finally, the Fount glows green with fel and Xavius laughs how he would corrupt Elune herself. And this is when things get weird.

You are all whisked away in the last moment. You end up teleporting to the surface of the White Lady. All around you is a silvery, lifeless wasteland, and despite not being underwater you get a breath bar. That is, however, the least of your worries, as you’re taking massive frost damage. You end up frozen at 1 HP, while Xavius is fighting all the way through. He laughs it off as Elune thinking a little cold can scare him, especially now that he has seen the domain of the Legion in the Twisting Nether. However, while you are frozen, he continues to take damage, and begins wasting away from the all-permeating holy energy of the moon itself. In the end, he is wholly obliterated.

Moments later, you are teleported back where you came from, to Ivixa’s old palace. As you thaw out, you see Malfurion and his night elven allies have beaten the satyrs while you were out on the moon. With Xavius taken out by Elune herself and his new army beaten back, the fey satyrs are free once again. In thanks to your involvement, Ivixa offers her services to the Alliance. You soon meet her back in Stormwind, where she officially pledges herself and her satyrs, and the allied race is officially unlocked.

Playable Race

Your new satyrs start at level 20 in the Emerald Dream version of Darkhear Thicket. Ivixa’s new palace has become a training ground for the satyrs. Their new hunters start with goat pets, and druids get forms similar to night elven – but far more shaggy, and with goat horns. Only the travel form is a proper goat.