Mesonyx Attacks!

VerroakArtAvatarIn most places, if you talked about inhabitants of Mesonyx, the fourth planet from our sun, people wouldn’t treat you very seriously. This isn’t most places. We’ve been sending people to a parallel past Draenor and taking ingredients from there. We have fought an invasion of Infinite Dragonflight. We finally opened a rift to a completely alien planet, met space gnomes, killed an evil undead alien god, and we regularly trade with two distant worlds. We have employees from other planets – and not just the common Draenor, but we have a darfellan and a shivarra. So naturally, an alien from Mesonyx doesn’t raise too many eyebrows. It does however answer some questions and doubts Azerothians had about the world. For example, the canals must be real and there are actually native races up there. Or rather down there, considering what we’ve learned. Anyway, let’s explain this in a proper order.

So a few days ago, I was working on the dead android we recovered on that yellow world and accidentally turned something on. I didn’t know what it was, but apparently I switched the power cell on. The mechanism was too banged up to work at all, so it just radiated a lot of power for the short time it was on. Despite how short that time was, it managed to give off a radiation signature that was picked up from space. Soon, a mysterious flying craft landed near Silvermoon and overnight, one of the local libraries was ravaged. Books were thrown about, shelves were broken. No one saw the intruder coming or leaving, so everyone was surprised. But that’s not the end. The next day, someone broke into the Violet Hold in Dalaran. This time, the intruder was spotted and a few mage guards were dispatched, Archmage Modera heading them. The intruder has proven himself to be almost completely immune to magic and easily defeated the lowly mages, with only Modera making any sort of dent in his defenses. But even she couldn’t defeat him, as he simply left, and no one could stop him.

The following day, Kirin Tor contacted us, apparently hearing from some blabbermouth about our extraterrestrial experience, and asked us for help in identifying the creature that attacked them. Unfortunately, we never heard of something like that before either. Not that Modera was very helpful in describing it… Well, that day we didn’t hear of anyone important getting attacked. There were some minor attacks at Shadow Council or Earthen Ring outposts, as if the intruder was narrowing down his search pattern to something less exposed. While some people thought the attacks have stopped, I was waiting.

What I didn’t expect was the attacker showing up on my doorstep. Yesterday evening, something started beeping. Turns out it was some security system Yu Gwai was testing and it detected something landing on the Island. He went with Balerok to investigate and before they could go far from the complex, they started hearing things. Steps, twigs breaking. It’s not the first day Yu Gwai was fighting someone so he started following the sounds until he saw what looked like two impressions of boots standing on the grass. Going by his instinct, he grabbed up and as luck would have it, he grabbed the intruder by the neck. It of course immediately uncloaked and punched him, sending them both flying and eventually freeing the invader from the grip, but they at least uncovered the intruder.

The creature had a rather human posture, but was wearing a highly technologically advanced suit of red armor. As we learned later, that suit was what gave him the magic immunity. The invader has proven himself to be a quite adept fighter, as he almost evenly matched with Yu Gwai, an ancient mogu warlord who could defeat three adventurers at once, undoubtedly even more if he had the chance. Luckily, there was no magic users around him and only Yu Gwai, who kept hitting him with the polearm, and Balerok who was throwing bombs and shooting some small gun. Finally, Balerok prepared some kind of electromagnetic pulse that knocked out the invader’s armor. Joined with the damage to his helmet, he finally showed his face – a green, scaly but humanoid face with glowing, red eyes and human-like teeth. Obviously we’ve never seen anything like it and the two brought the invader to me.

Only before me he started spilling the beans. He explained he was from Mesonyx, which is a dying, drying world. Turns out, it was once as verdant and lush as Azeroth, but thousands of years ago his planet was embroiled in a devastating war. Powerful explosive devices were detonated and other advanced technology was used, resulting in permanent damage to the world. The oceans dried out, the forests withered and the technology turned to red rust that now gives the world its color. What few living beings survived, hid underground to dig into the subterranean ice, or built canals to transport water from the poles to the surviving habitats. Although they were once great warriors, they now live in a peaceful collective that rations what water and food they have left. He arrived here in search of the power signature they detected from my android’s power cell, and he said they wanted to use it to revitalize their world.

Can you imagine this? This single small, orange crystal can power a whole terraforming effort! Can you imagine how much power there must be in this thing? They could probably use it to make war as well, but in the words of that Mesonyx, they are no longer warriors, but if they have to make war to obtain this, they will. That put some things in perspective. Withholding this power cell from them can lead to an unpleasant confrontation, a war of the worlds if you will. Not that I care about lives being lost, but war on that scale while High King Bonehead is busy picking fights over some crystal in a parallel timeline could be devastating and put me in danger. Even further by the fact of the factions blaming me for the conflict. I don’t want to be the wrathion of a new conflict – an idiot who was thinking too short-term and caused exactly what he was trying to avoid. I thought, I can spare one of the immensely powerful power cells to avoid problems. Not only even one of those will be more than enough for our purposes, maybe I can even get a new trading partner and useful technology from Mesonyx.

So we let him go, and sent him away with one of the power cells. Hopefully, his leadership will keep his word. If not, I will just tell the world leaders I tried my best. Or better yet, I’ll continue pretending I know nothing about what’s going on up there. And if, as a side effect of my greed, a dead world starts getting back to life, hey, I’m not gonna complain.

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Verroak Krasha, an Arakkoa druid with over 50 years of experience. Formerly from Farahlon, during the Orcish expansion relocated to Skettis, then to Sethekk Halls, then to rebuilt Shattrath, following the heresies in each of those places. Finally, he founded his own succesfull alchemy business and set out into the wide cosmos to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and boldly go where no bird has flown before. View all posts by Arakkoa

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