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VerroakArtAvatarAs people are anxious to lose their fingers outside, I’m sitting over the reports from yesterday’s mission. A few days ago, Carcon called me up again and said he interrogated a few of the cultists the list ‘Gath got and got a location of their hideout within his duchy. He tells me they were organizing an attack on that hideout and wanted my people to help out. I’m always eager to help (when I’m promised a monetary reward) so I agreed to send my people in. It just so happened that Izzik recently started bugging people about being sent on missions to be more recognizable in my crew again, so I added her to the group leaving out yesterday. Things obviously didn’t go as planned.

I sent Menrim, Aeresham, Balerok, ‘Gath and Izzik to talk to the duke, but as soon as they stepped out of the rift, they found themselves in the middle of a strange jungle, with the rift behind them gone. Naturally, they were very confused and at first thought they got sent miles away from their target, ending up in the jungles of Ivarind. However, any signs on the sky pointed to them being on a completely different world. If that wasn’t enough, soon they noticed an abundance of giant reptiles which made it pretty clear they didn’t arrive at the intended destination. Because I didn’t send a mage with them, they had to figure out some way to get back. Some wanted to stay and wait for someone to find them, some wanted to look for civilization. Finally, they fired a flare.

What found them wasn’t friendly, however. A group of strange trolls appeared, I’m told, and started spouting some requests no one understood, including Menrim and ‘Gath. Soon enough, the trolls attacked them. They had some strange spellcasters too, as apparently they were shooting some kind of corrosive gas from their palms. Balerok of course hid in the bushes and threw vials at the attackers, Menrim just hid in the corner and Aeresham kept healing everyone, so only ‘Gath and Izzik were really fighting. And even if everyone was actively taking part, it still wouldn’t be enough because more and more trolls were coming. Luckily for my people, cavalry has arrived – in the shape of a lone, heavily armored tol’vir who shot the trolls with a highly technologically advanced staff/energy weapon.

The lone tol’vir introduced himself as High Ahet Khasekhemwy (I had to copy this letter by letter from Menrim’s report) from Djedsut – the same world my brother recently went to on a Timewalker assignment. Much like my crew, this “Khas” ended up on this world by accident, while crossing a portal from Djedsut to a completely different world. He assisted my people because he already met those trolls and was attacked by them as well. Some time before the meeting, he also saw a light on the horizon and followed it with the hope of finding a civilization. With this revelation, my group and the tol’vir joined forces and went towards the light together.

An hour or so of voyage later, the group found a Titanic facility located up on a hill. Menrim was at this point sure he was in some kind of Titan petri dish similar to Un’goro Crater, but on a different world. It also turns out the facility’s light beam was somehow projecting a vision of a normal day sky, as above the facility itself they could see thick, brown clouds. Without much ado, they continued uphill and finally entered the facility. Menrim comments it reminded him of Ulduar, but was much smaller – closer in size to Terramok or other smaller facilities. In the heart of the structure, they found the light emitter with a whole slew of panels, which Khas attempted to manipulate to find a way out. This is when they found out where they were, as the holograms on those computers showed them an image of the local star system, with a highlighted icon of the planet they were on. It was Eosphere, second planet from Azeroth’s sun. They were within our star system.

Before they could do much with this knowledge, the caretaker of this facility showed up. It was a typical Titanic watcher, a giant platinum-skinned metallic construct, with what appeared to be unkempt hair and an erratic speech pattern, apparently from centuries of isolation. He introduced himself as Melektas, Keeper of Eosphere. When my people explained they weren’t hostile and just wanted to get out, they managed to get some information from him. He was left on Eosphere by Norgannon in order to watch the dinosaurs’ development in their natural habitat. That’s right, dinosaurs are from space. He was constantly sending reports back to the Titans and at first, they always acknowledged receiving his reports. After a while, they stopped responding with no warning, and his assistants, one by one, went out on missions to the planet only to never return. Driven mad from isolation, the construct concluded the Titans are dead.

Fortunately, he wasn’t that mad. He found the reason for my people (and Khas) ending up on Eosphere – the world entered a very rare planetary alignment and got in the way of a “wormhole” between Azeroth and Ivarind, as well as whatever route Khas was taking. Instead of reaching their destinations, they were deposited on Eosphere. Thankfully, they were lucky enough to end up near Melektas’s facility as he was able to effortlessly send everyone back to Azeroth. Because he wasn’t able to track Khas’s rift or portal, the alien tol’vir ended up with my people on Azeroth, to be sent back to his home via my rift.

I learned a few interesting things from this. Firstly, we need to check where we’re going before we step through. Secondly, dinosaurs are from space. Thirdly, the Titans might be dead, although I wouldn’t personally put much stock on a crazed loner’s babble. And finally, there is a lonely Titanic watcher isolated on a nearby planet. A creature of great power and knowledge, that longs for some sort of humanoid contact. I mean, who knows what knowledge will he share if provided with some kind of assistance, right? And Eosphere is within the same star system – even regular Azerothian mages could probably get there if they had the coordinates. So… profit!
I only hope Carcon and his forces are okay. I’d hate to lose a customer.

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Verroak Krasha, an Arakkoa druid with over 50 years of experience. Formerly from Farahlon, during the Orcish expansion relocated to Skettis, then to Sethekk Halls, then to rebuilt Shattrath, following the heresies in each of those places. Finally, he founded his own succesfull alchemy business and set out into the wide cosmos to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and boldly go where no bird has flown before. View all posts by Arakkoa

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