Tower of Krasha is recruiting

You may or may not have noticed our semi-regular RP sessions, where we continue our plots and play out the continued events of my design. If you did not notice, every once in a while, although shooting for not more rarely than once per week, we gather at 8 PM CEST and take our characters into various worlds out in the Twisting Nether that I invented – worlds that are still clearly part of the Warcraft setting, although these worlds are not Azeroth, nor did they have any contact with it. While still remaining within the setting, they give us a fresh perspective on it. In those sessions, we continue established plots and let me assure you, every hanging plot thread is going to be resolved, time allowing. The other thing that we’re missing, other than time, is people.

There is still a number of characters I invented for Tower of Krasha that do not have any players behind them. Although I took a couple of roles on myself and use the GM account to temporarily play the other ones, I think it would be more fun if we got more of the cast active on Twitter and with real, separate people behind them, giving new life to those characters.

You might want to ask, why would I want to play a character you invented? If I have to play an original character, I’d rather play mine. And I completely understand that. In fact, later on in the post I talk about openings for your own original characters, but here I wanted to “advertise” some of my characters. Characters that I tried to make unique and interesting, and characters that could still go in ways I did not expect them to. Unlike George R.R. Martin I’m not a very good writer I like to see people have a different take on my characters. Even if your version of, say, Hwarne, would not be interacting with others exactly as I envisioned, I would rather adjust my vision of that character to how you played it than tell you you’re wrong. So don’t be afraid to take on an established character and playing it “wrong”.

There’s only thing I would ask of you before you attempt any of these: if you already have characters in the Tower, don’t create a second one. I see this “recruitment” as a chance to see some new faces, and as a chance to shake up existing cliques in our community.

Here are some of the characters that I think would bring something new and interesting to the Tower of Krasha:

  • Izzik Shienor – A character established quite a long time ago, but I’ve done very little with it since. As her description on the character page says, she’s supposed to be a neutral good idealistic character, a young arakkoa shaman and alchemist, and formerly Verroak’s apprentice. Although she does not approve of Verroak’s methods, she respects his knowledge. Ever since her apprenticeship ended, she’s been shoved into a menial job of supervising one of the potion-producing rooms in the tower and I didn’t really have an idea what to do with the character. Recently, I thought about involving her romantically with Verroak’s nephew from another timeline, Orkan. If she got a player behind her, I’d obviously start sending her on missions.
  • Hwarnë – This character is a female dohwar. Dohwars are a race of creatures from the Spelljammer setting which I incorporated into the “Worlds of the Nether” setting of our RP sessions. Like most dohwars, she’s an abrasive, arrogant trader who’s actually from the outer space to which we venture. Most of her day to day tweets I imagine would be about various supplies she acquires, or about economic issues of Azeroth and Draenor. During the missions, she can not only trade, but also have some knowledge of the setting that other characters don’t. Being a crazy space penguin, I imagine she’d a very unique character.
  • Mehrzad – Mehrzad is a good djinn with a sense of humour. He’s the tower’s healer and I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to really flesh out the character, so that first sentence is basically all I have on him. Which I imagine means there’s a lot of freedom to expand on for this character. Mehrzad is also a shaman, with some relationships back in Skywall that you could expand on.
  • Sednaq Mikiruq – Sednaq is our female tuskarr cook. While her being not a particularly adventurous would mean she wouldn’t get sent on off-world missions, I think she’d still be a fun character to interact with on the premises. You can find more about her character and story on the characters page. She’s meant to be a warm, friendly and even wise person. A bit of a Guinan, I imagine. You could talk a lot about Azerothian cuisine as her, including trying to make it feel more real by describing the tastes and smells, etc.
  • Various minor characters that have appeared once or twice on various missions to support our major crew. Those include for example some of our Greenhearts, such as Vikoka (a naga myrmidon who worked for Vashj, got captured by Garithos and sent to Violet Hold only to escape it during Purge of Dalaran), Holly Altenno (a young hedge wizard – kind of a fey warlock who was once imprisoned in Tol Barad for killing her abusive husband), our tauren stablemaster, one of the three krokul porters, one of the two people taking work orders from the garrison (the worgen filed as “Verroak’s Greenheart” who got misspelled by Stormwind as Verroak Greenheart, or Zen’tiki who works with the Horde), or maybe the other Greenheart candidates who were previously let go but can now be hired on the island – the Boogey (a stack of three pygmies who pretend they’re one person to cheat taxes), or Rokh’dan (a homeless ice troll rogue our crew once met on a mission when they captured Frlngath). All of those characters have very little established baggage, which would give the player a lot of freedom.

(Your) original characters

So you don’t like any of these characters, or still don’t like the idea of playing someone else’s original character. We are always open for completely new characters, or existing accounts that look for a group, and now we even have a reason to hire them! Verroak is building a research facility on a remote island out in the Great Sea. The island is also inhabited by dark entity that is totally not a rip-off of the Smoke Monster from Lost. The entity lets Verroak’s crew do their research but as you have probably guessed already, it will cause us trouble sooner or later. So what kind of original characters we’re looking for?

  • Unique – Most of the crew of the Tower of Krasha is rather unusual. Majority of them comes from non-player races. While I will not reject an interesting human or orc character, we have a lot of those in lore already. I look mostly for characters from the less seen races, like arakkoa or sauroks or drakonids. In-character, Verroak is giving job opportunities to so-called “monster races”.
  • Experts – Most of the named major characters in the Tower are experts in their fields. We could use specialists in alchemy, enchanting, inscription or a number of other professions. These characters will head on to the Island and head their respective research departments. It is up to you what will your character do there. Even those researchers on the Island can still be sent on our off-world missions.
  • Most importantly, interesting. Make sure your character has an interesting personality that brings something new to the group. You can be your average human warrior who would be just another Greenheart, but you can still be an interesting character.



I hope that piqued your interest and soon we’ll see each other in our group’s RP sessions. And even if we don’t, maybe at least I gave you some new ideas for your RP. Good luck.

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Verroak Krasha, an Arakkoa druid with over 50 years of experience. Formerly from Farahlon, during the Orcish expansion relocated to Skettis, then to Sethekk Halls, then to rebuilt Shattrath, following the heresies in each of those places. Finally, he founded his own succesfull alchemy business and set out into the wide cosmos to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and boldly go where no bird has flown before. View all posts by Arakkoa

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