Character Profiles: Verroak Krasha

by enipnion

by enipnion

Name: Verroak Krasha
Race: (Outcast) Arakkoa
Gender: Prefers not to specify ((male))
Age: 67 (as of this posting)
Class: Druid (balance)
Professions: herbalism, alchemy, cooking, archaeology
Religion: Holy Light (in theory), atheistic (in practice)
Alignment (per D&D): Neutral Evil
Traits (per CK2): Quick, weak, lunatic, scholar, mystic, diligent, proud, deceitful, craven, shy, chaste, ambitious, cynical, paranoid, cruel

Place of residence: Currently, Twilight Grove, Duskwood. Formerly, Veil Krasha, Farahlon; Skettis; Setthekk Halls; Lower City, Shattrath; Mage District, Stormwind.
Friends and associates: Considers his brother Tarakan the closest thing he has to a friend. Lunk, Kirrik the Awakened and Rilak the Redeemed consider him friends. Was once on friendly terms with Talon-King Ikiss. Has a business relationship with Arcanist Shazaad and Sal’salabim, as well as a number of contacts in various major cities, including Papsey and Andine Welling. Some of his employees, like Izzik Shienor and Menrim, have a begrudging respect for his knowledge.
Romantic partners: Currently, none. Formerly, four wives, all deceased.
Pets: Eye of Terokk (a demonic looking eye, an Apexis machine), Hamster (a hamster from the Elemental Place of Hamsters)
Mounts: an unnamed yak, a warp stalker and a never used giant space hamster
Known languages: Arakkoa, Common, Orcish, Draenei, Primal
Most important value: Progress

Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

My father, Orkan, influenced my personality a lot. Although he was a Talonpriest, he was never particularly religious. At no point in my life did he pretend he really cared about Anzu or Terokk. So when I grew up and wanted to pursue the truth about our cultural “heroes”, he did not stand in my way. However, he was a conformist. He would never speak up against the ruling elites, no matter how bad they were. And for a good part of my life, so did I. Only after everything went to hell and he died I stopped caring and began to speak out against the corruption of our elites.

My mother, Sekkta of Veil Ruuan, was a calm, quiet woman. I don’t recall her ever raising her voice. She worked from home and sold her wares, teaching me the basics of alchemy when I was young. I don’t think she ever really believed in our gods either, but whenever I would say something negative about them, she would shush me, afraid they’d listen.

They don’t get along. They’re dead, killed by the orcs during the Horde’s initial raids.

What are your characters most prominent physical features?

I don’t really know. People rarely ever commented on my appearance, and when I look in the mirror, if I absolutely have to, I see just an average person. That is, an average cursed arakkoa, hunched and twisted by magic that tries to cloud my mind as well.

Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason?

I don’t really have scars. I tend to avoid combat, and when I have to fight, I either do it from the distance while a meatshield concentrates enemy fire on himself, or turn into an animal, whose injuries won’t translate into mine. That said, I have a leg that was broken a few years back, when I fell from a tree, and didn’t regrow properly. Now I can’t really stand on that leg, but I don’t think that counts as a scar.

How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive?

Am I attractive? AM I ATTRACTIVE? Look at me. I am just another of a race of twisted wretches, whose ancestors were thrown into a pool of cursed blood by their jealous, prejudiced brethren. My skin wrinkled since I was thirty, my eyes were losing sharpness since I was twenty-five, I never walked upright, and I always got tired way before even other outcasts, and because of that my arms are like matchsticks and my stomach looks like I was growing a wing there. There is nothing attractive about me.

What’s your character’s ranking on the Kinsey Scale?

I don’t know, but probably somewhere close to “Senator Robert Kinsey”. ((By which I don’t mean “intolerant white male”, but “minor villain”))

Describe your character’s happiest memory.

I don’t have happy memories. Someone more pompous would tell you a story about some childhood toy, but the only thing I remember from my childhood was boredom, and the only thing I remember from my adulthood is suffering.

Is there one event or happening your character would like to erase from their past? Why?

Erase all of it and start over, except with all the gold I earned since.

What’s your character’s favorite ice cream flavor? Color? Song? Flower?

I don’t eat ice cream. Colors? I don’t know, I always liked clothing in whites, golds and purples. Songs? None you would know. Flowers? The ones that are useful for alchemy.

Who does your character trust?

As a wise man once said, trust no one.

Can you define a turning point in your character’s life? Multiples are acceptable.

The orcish raid on my veil. Nearly everyone died. I had to get out of complacent living in a small community and go out into the bigger world, and learn to lie, cheat and use everyone in my path. Without the Horde, who knows who I would be now. Probably some naive fool like my counterpart over there.

Is there an animal you equate with your character?

The only animal I equate myself with is myself. We’re all animals, but we also have minds that let us be smarter and better than petty beasts.

How is your character with technology? Super savvy, or way behind the times? Letters or email?

I liked the Apexis technology. When I can lie my hands on something they made, I will use it. Take the Eye of Terokk I’m using to scout – it’s in fact an Apexis oculus repurposed by our people. Using the materials and knowledge from the alternate universe, I have also constructed two Apexis golems to keep watch over the tower. I also got into this… Tweeter on that gnomecorder. I figured tweeting is a serious matter for a bird.

What does your character’s bed look like when he/she wakes up? Are the covers off on one side of the bed, are they all curled around a pillow, sprawled everywhere? In what position might they sleep?

The only position arakkoa sleep in is a nesting position – sitting in the nest, curled down. I rarely make up my nest. As long as it doesn’t look too messy, I just leave it alone. Why bother when you don’t need to?

How does your character react to temperature changes such as extreme heat and cold?

You have no idea about the kinds of things I’ve lived through. Desert, jungle, forest, tundra, firelands… I don’t think I would notice a change until Ragnaros was standing right next to me. Might also be because I’m getting old and my sensitivity is going down.

Is your character an early morning bird or a night owl?

It shows again you know nothing about arakkoa. We wake up later than most, shortly before noon, and then stay up into the middle of the night. I’m not much different in that regard.

Are there any blood relatives that your character is particularly close with, besides the immediate ones? Cousins, Uncles, Grandfathers, Aunts, et cetera. Are there any others that your character practically considers a blood relative?

My only living relative is my brother, Tarakan. We are not very close anymore, but I care if something happens to him, if only for the fact losing him would make me the last of my veil. I almost experienced it once, and it was such a… harrowing experience. And I suppose there’s… Orkan now. A nephew I never had, a refugee from another timeline. We are yet to see how much of a Krasha he really is.

What’s your character’s desk/workspace look like? Are they neat or messy?

I like to call it an organized mess. While things are piled on top of each other, I always know where everything is. Menrim tried to clean it up once, and segregated everything into neat categories. I was disoriented for a week.

Is your character a good cook? What’s their favorite recipe, whether they’re good or not? (Microwave mac-and-cheese applies.)

I can make my own food, and I mostly did for the greater part of my life. You could always buy some fresh worms from certain people in the Lower City of Shattrath, and they’re not very hard to prepare. Just roast them up a little with some select spices. Ever since I got my tower and my personal cook, my cooking may have become a little rusty, but I would probably still prepare those worms well.

What’s your character’s preferred means of travel?

Portals. And flight form for short jumps. I don’t trust flight masters most of the time. I mean, they plop you on a creature and send it off to fly. How does the damn beast even know where to go? You’re not telling me a gryphon knows what “Allerian Stronghold” means.

Does your character have any irrational fears?

There are no irrational fears. Everything is out to kill you in this crazy world. You never even know when the ceiling or the wall are a camouflaged monster just waiting to ambush you.

What would your character’s  cutie mark be?


No, that wasn’t an answer, dammit! That was a “that’s so stupid I refuse to answer that”.

If your character could time travel, where would they go?

To Draenor just before Ner’zhul is first contacted by the Burning Legion. Maybe I would try to convince him not to listen to the obvious demon in disguise, but I would very likely have to kill him.

Is your character superstitious?

What do you even count as superstition these days? Ghosts? Zombies? Good luck charms? It all works, and everyone knows it.

What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be?

Someone who doesn’t exist.

Describe your character’s hands. Are they small, long, calloused, smooth, stubby?

I’ve heard people surprised how pristine my hands are. Other than wrinkles and spots caused by age, I hardly ever had to work hard or fight, and my hands show it.

Second day of favorites! Favorite comfort food, favorite vice, favorite outfit, favorite hot drink, favorite time of year, and favorite holiday.

Comfort food? Any food that I eat usually. Vice? There are no such things as vices, just things most of society doesn’t approve of. Outfit? I have seven identical sets of these robes that night elves call “Malorne”. I don’t see any resemblance to a big, white stag personally. Hot drink? Coffee. I need tons of coffee to stay away most of the time. Time of year? Fall. Because I’m finally not alone at feeling sad for no reason. Favorite holiday? I don’t like holiday. Everyone’s happy and making noise, and I just want to be left alone.

Pick two songs that describe your character at two different points of their life, and explain why you chose them.


If your character’s life was a genre, what would it be?

Some kind of slapstick comedy. I suffer and orcs sit at the audience and laugh at my misfortune.

How does your character smell? Do they wear perfume or cologne?

I smell naturally. No, it doesn’t mean I smell of sweat. Birds don’t sweat, you blistering idiot.

And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself.

What the squawk would be the point of that? Everything I would want to tell myself I already know, because it’s in my squawking head! Like… seriously… uh.


About Arakkoa

Verroak Krasha, an Arakkoa druid with over 50 years of experience. Formerly from Farahlon, during the Orcish expansion relocated to Skettis, then to Sethekk Halls, then to rebuilt Shattrath, following the heresies in each of those places. Finally, he founded his own succesfull alchemy business and set out into the wide cosmos to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and boldly go where no bird has flown before. View all posts by Arakkoa

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