Revenge of Appendix Three: Nethersages

I think I owe everyone a short explanation of what this is. Once on Scrolls of Lore I did a short “segment” where I tried to convert various D&D creatures to fit World of WarCraft universe. Because that’s exactly what the infamous Appendix Three of the old Warcraft RPG did, I named that segment “Revenge of Appendix Three”. Since I posted those, Warlords of Draenor was announced and changed some stuff that made some of the propositions impossible, but other ones remain still very fitting. I’m going to post a few select favorites from there here to reintroduce some of my newer followers to what I liked doing back then. After the break follows the original text I posted some time ago.

Since Aboleths may be copyright enough to prove legal problems if Blizzard implemented them in World of Warcraft, I thought it would be necessary to rename them as “nethersages”, as well as slightly rework them to fit Warcraft universe.


Nethersage / Aboleth

Nethersages are an ancient, spaceborne race. They live in the Twisting Nether and predate the Burning Legion by far, and claim they predate even the Titans. There is no homeworld for them, but they do point towards one star on the firmament as their origin. That star, they say, is The Sleeper in the Stars, The Ancient Father and The Bridge to the Void. This impossibly ancient being is said to be as old, or older, than the universe itself. It remembers the time when the stars were young and in its loneliness it created its children: the nethersages.

Nethersages have virtually unlimited lifespans and even when they do expire, they do not truly die. Although they do not reconstitute in the far recesses of the Nether as demons do, a part of them lingers on in the memories of remaining nethersages. All nethersages share the memories of all nethersages that came before them and thus possess unspeakable knowledge and arcane power. More are spawned every day in egg clusters, scattered around the universe, but from the moment of hatching they’re fully developed and bear all the experiences of their fore-bearers.

They’re not hostile by nature. Due to their impossible age and knowledge they simply find mortal races, or even the Burning Legion, to be small and irrelevant. They traverse the Nether in their slow, long voyages towards sources of arcane power and absorb all the knowledge from those sources, undeterred by any obstacles. Only if someone attempts to stop their feeding do nethersages turn hostile and unleash their whole arcane arsenal upon the obstructors. Even when they engage in combat, they always remain polite and occasionally apologize a formidable enemy for having to end its existence.

Few nethersages chose to join the Burning Legion, but not out of malice or desire to end Titans’ work. They simply see the demons and their fel powers as means to an end – that end being more knowledge. Whatever they wish all that knowledge for, remains unknown. Whenever inquired, a nethersage will be completely puzzled by asking such a question. Legion’s nethersages became twisted into different, demonic forms and pursue their goals much more aggressively, often using demonic strike forces to cleanse wells of arcane power before their own approach.

Revolting Aura: Nethersages bear a nauseating appearance which magically stirs the stomachs of humanoid beings. All non-abberations take penalty to hit and crit chance whenever within the aura’s radius.
Absorb Knowledge: Nethersage channels a stream of psychic power between the mind of the target and his own. Successfully completing that channel allows him, for a limited time, to use all spellcasting powers of the absorbed target. The target remains silenced for the duration of nethersage’s absorption.
Nether Oozes: When threatened, Nethersages can secret an ooze which animates itself upon hitting the ground. Those oozes seek to devour Nethersage’s enemies and leave their bodies mindless husks under Nethersage’s control.

Nethersage H’rbmad’t: demon, world boss at a library on a world currently under Legion invasion. H’rbmad’t recently used a demonic strike force to cleanse the native library of all its inhabitants and moved in, slowly absorbing all of its knowledge.
X’zoa: aberration, raid boss at Citadel of Dread. X’zoa claims to be the nethersage ambassador to the dread lords. Having witnessed the fate of Nethersages who embraced fel energies, X’zoa refuses to consume them, but remains a polite guest to resident nathrezim and a courteous challenger to Legion’s enemies invading the Citadel.
Kash’tr’d: abberation, Horde-aligned boss level NPC. Kash’tr’d portrays himself as a gentleman and a scholar and chose to join the Reliquary to better understand the magic and powers used by Azerothian races. He spends most of his time in troves of arcane treasures gathered by the Reliquary and hates being disturbed. Occasionally, he sends blood elfs on missions to gather powerful artifacts for him.

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