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The Princess and the Turtle (part 5)

Lost Tales of Pandaria

Yaochi and the turtle slowly approached the temple, sneaking out of the sight of the mogu. The girl had hoped the mogu would soon leave and she would be free, but life is rarely that easy. Although neither side wanted to attack, they were both ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Iron Qon just sat atop his red quilen, grinning his fangs at the temple’s defenders. When Yaochi got close enough, she noticed something even rarer than the ancient warlords that seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately. She saw a female mogu. A tall, slender figure, red-skinned and beautiful in her own way, although still unmistakably mogu.

She remembered in this moment an old tale about the consort of Iron Qon, Diaochan, a woman as ruthless and ferocious as she was beautiful. Diaochan was a vicious woman who hid her true colors behind her powdered face…

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Twitter RP Guide

Recently, there has been a sudden upsurge of roleplaying accounts on Twitter, most of them Warcraft. Without pointing fingers, some of them do it better, some less. Of course, it’s a very personal opinion over what makes an account good, but we have since gathered a community with some specific interests. Since many of those accounts follow me and some of the others as their first order of business, I assume they strive to join this community. Well, if you do, here’s how to, in my humble opinion, make a good roleplaying account on Twitter that people will enjoy reading from.

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The Princess and the Turtle (part 4)

Lost Tales of Pandaria

A lone hozen sat on a ridge near the Great Lift. Bored with all the tasks given to him by his elders, he snuck away and decided to just look at passengers of the Lift. On a normal day, it’s pretty busy – travelers come and go to and from Zouchin Province, but that morning it was so far eerily quiet. He realized something must have happened, but a simple hozen could not imagine what might it be. Then, he noticed the oddest thing – a turtle, slowly passing through a nearby valley, with a sleeping pandaren girl on its back. The girl must have grooked everyone down there, he thought, and that’s why she is now so tired that she sleeps during the day. No sane hozen sleeps during the day!

Yaochi may not have killed everyone in the Zouchin Province, but she certainly did enough killing, with very…

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The Princess and the Turtle (part 3)

Lost Tales of Pandaria

The mogu warlord towered over poor Yaochi, slowly approaching her with his arms stretched out and ready to grasp her. She couldn’t seem to catch a break. Whenever she managed to get away from one enemy, she only fell into the hands of another. Still, something was different about this Yu Gwai. His skin seemed less metallic and his hair looked almost like real hair of a real person, not the unmoving coiffures of most mogu which looked like carved from sandstone. Despite all the differences, he was still snarling at her and posturing to attack. But why?

“Why are you attacking me?” she said, pressing her back against the stone wall. “A moment ago you were helping me!”

“Not me,” Yu Gwai barked back, “the turtle did.”

She raised her eyebrows in surprise. “But you are the turtle!” she replied.

“Not quite,” the mogu said before reaching out to…

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The Princess and the Turtle (part 2)

Lost Tales of Pandaria

Yaochi was sitting up on the grass at the feet of the mountain. Although she was still in great pain, nothing seemed to be broken. By the grass she could tell she’s in Zouchin Province, the northernmost province of the Pandaren Empire, one isolated from the rest of the Empire by great mountains. The only thing further north was the Plains of Giants and then remnants of the Zandalari Empire, and finally the Kaldorei lands. She had never seen any of these lands, only hearing frightful tales about the vicious, cannibal trolls who used to be allies of the mogu, and about the night elves, powerful magi who hated the trolls as much as pandaren hated the mogu. Perhaps there was a story between them, but no one could tell it to her but ancient tomes written in characters she hasn’t learned yet. Indeed, there were no Lorewalkers yet back…

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The Princess and the Turtle (part 1)

Check out this awesome thing we literally just invented today. ((OOC, the writing is mine, but it wouldn’t work without my friend’s help here.))

Lost Tales of Pandaria

Long ago in Pandaria, far before the Sundering has torn Old Kalimdor apart, old Emperors ruled the land. Although the first emperor was the tyrant Lei Shen, a hopeless horror who enslaved every living thing in Pandaria, slain gods and defeated ancient Keepers, once he died and his original Empire crumbled, the people of Pandaria saw the need for stability one powerful ruler will provide. Thus, the first of the Pandaren Emperors was crowned and his dynasty ruled for centuries to come, as gentle and just rulers.

In time, the first Pandaren Emperor’s descendant, Huizong, ruled on the Jade Throne in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. He had no sons, which troubled his court greatly, for at this time, only a son could succeed his father on the Imperial Throne. However, he had one daughter, who he had great care and respect for. His daughter, Yaochi, was trained to be…

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I should buy a house

VerroakIf you didn’t know it yet, I just won over 900 000 gold pieces today. Remember that whole escapade to another timeline? While there, I learned from Sargeras the whole deal of how his timeline has come to pass. Kairozdormu interrupted Garrosh’s trial and took him to past Draenor, before the Horde was ever formed and before the orcs drank the demon’s blood. So I knew Hellscream was going to escape and knowing the future, I did what everyone would do in place – I placed a bet. As it turns out, only twelve people across Azeroth placed a bet that Garrosh successfully escapes. So when he finally did, the total sum of money all the fools paid was divided between these twelve people. After subtracting some outrageous tax the goblins must have invented on the spot, I won 911 087 gold pieces. I’m (almost) a millionaire!

Now I can’t help but wonder what can I do with that kind of gold. First of all, I should hide it very well because thieves aren’t uncommon in this city. But then, I got to thinking, I’m probably the richest arakkoa alive right now. I won’t buy a boat, I’m not a cat after all, but that’s enough to buy a building. A house, or a tower – I could just set up my own tower, hire some alchemy apprentices to produce a ton of potions for me and start my own business and my own tower in this city. This is probably the smartest possible outcome of this – INVEST. Besides, I would like to see the look on Maginor’s face.

But I wonder where could I place this tower. The first thing to come to mind is in the Stormwind City Outskirts. There’s a lot of place there, and the view is pretty nice but the distance from city infrastructure, while remaining fairly close to thieves, might be a problem. Then I thought about Shattrath. Now that I know Outland is not going away after Hellscream’s escape (we still have contact with Trollbane), I could return to that town but I’m not sure about it. Draenei are so sanctimonious, I prefer humans for being slightly more… morally flexible. And then I thought, maybe I should build it out in Duskwood, in Twilight Grove. The dragon’s gone, the thieves won’t go out that far away, and I could keep contact with the city via a personal flightmaster. Bonus – no more SI:7 nosing around the rift business.

All that said, I’m not sure what should I do. I mean, it’s pretty sure I’m making my own business right now. I just don’t know where should I build that tower. What do you say, mammals? Stormwind, Shattrath, or Twilight Grove?

What this button do?

LunkLunk see bird-man’s funny machine just sit here and Lunk press some buttons. Lunk not sure what Lunk doing. What do “word press” do? It press words in to what? It make word jam? That what it for? Lunk see “word jam” before but not shure where it made from. Can you eat word jam? No that just silly.

Any way there is much funny machines in here. This thing here buzzing. It shimmery light like once when pretty elf lady get Lunk from place to place. Thru… uh… dockal. Portal. Yea this look like portal. Accept it not look like any place Lunk know. It okay if Lunk go there?

Also Lunk sorry but Lunk eat half of fridge. Not fridge it self, no, lol, just stuff in side. Bird-man need buy more veggies. It healthy, mommy told Lunk that. Also Lunk had fun play with little herpes. It first time Lunk see how little herpes look like. They look just like mommy herpe accept small, lol. Lunk hope mommy herpe teach little herpes much good stuff like Lunk’s mommy did before she go to ogri’la.

Bye bye Lunk now go thru dockal.